Should You Be Concerned? If your teen is at a Crossroads then absolutely you should be.

As a parent, how can you know if your son or daughter is just exhibiting ‘typical adolescent behavior’ or if these are the early signs of a serious threat or crisis to come?

I’ve presented to 20,000 teens and young adults over the past 25 years. Many times after these encounters I was asked, “Do you have a minute that I could talk to you about something in private?’ And in these private moments, I hear about all this and more… and a small percentage of time, this leads to someone becoming a private client of mine.

Unfortunately in far too small a percentage to change the lives of many of those I recognize as being on the crossroads … in a place where experience shows me repeatedly that what I have to offer would rock their world and potentially change the entire course of their life.

This is the Crossroads where many of today’s youth stand… Down one road lies a path to disappointment, frustration, despair, and a host of unfulfilled dreams. On the other road is life fully lived… all the potential that’s present realized… a life of  happiness, success, satisfaction…

To sum up what makes the difference as to which road your son or daughter is most likely to take, is your realizing as their parent the enormous pressure they are under and  giving them the tools now to make the choices that will make all the difference as they journey into their future.

Teen At The Crossroads? Click Here.

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