Parenting Tele-Seminar

Every Decision You Make Today Is Impacting Your Son’s or Daughter’s Future Success … Or Failure …
And You May Not Get A Second Chance To Get It Right

Learn To Make The Critical Parenting Decisions That Will Ensure
Your Child’s Success In An Age Of Uncertainty

• Defuse conflict and tension in your home … establish high-quality, open communication leading to transparency and trust between you and your child

• Learn what advice is out there that you must include in your parenting toolbox … and what advice you must ignore!

• Find out how you can help your child “Find Their Bliss” and why this is so much more important than finding their passion (and why “passion” can ultimately undermine everything you hope will be true for them in their future).

• Create a home life that is a sanctuary from the chaos of the world, one your kids will always want to bring friends to

• Why knowing what an obscure professor of Social Psychology found out about values is essential to improving your relationship with your son or daughter … and how using this information will allow you to instill the values, ethics and morals as guiding principals you most want for your child to  have in their life.

• Learn to spot the signs of change and growth that are a normal part of your child’s natural development … and know exactly what it means and what to do about it when these signs appear.

• Discover the single most important thing you can do as a parent … if you can do only one thing for your teen as they are going through adolescence this one thing will carry the day. (HINT: It’s all about attitude …)

This program originally sold-out at $447 – it included follow-up calls and private consulting. You can access almost 7 hours of recordings for just $197, plus receive a free half-hour 
consultation. Just email me to schedule a time. 


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