A Radically Different, Refreshingly Positive, Totally Customized Approach To Helping Teens

What I do is unconventional. And it gets results.

If your teen is struggling, chances are he or she isn’t mentally ill and doesn’t need psychotherapy. Until now, parents concerned about their teen, had few options. Hire a shrink. Get a prescription. Take a parenting class. Tough it out… Now there is something else you can do to help your teen besides the conventional paths.

Therapists help teens solve problems. I help teens grow into people for whom those kinds of situations just aren’t problems

Therapy diagnosis and treats psychological disorders and mental illness. I help those who are simply struggling with growing-up issues and are not mentally ill at all.

Therapy helps teens cope with reality. I help teens lead thriving lives in spite of the obstacles they face (and today’s teens face more than most adults realize)

Therapists ask “What’s wrong? What bothering you? Tell me more.I ask, “What do you want? What’s working? Let’s build on your strengths and teach you what works.

What Sets Evolution Mentoring Apart: 5 Biggest Differences:

SomaticsAll change begins in the body, not the mind. Ancient wisdom understood this. Modern science has proven it. Modern psychology though is still obsessed with feelings and thoughts.

I teach the most sophisticated body-awareness, internal-control techniques available anywhere in the world – and have taught them on 3 continents and 10 countries. I will teach them to your teen too.

Sophisticated Success SkillsMost problems teens have are resolved when they have the tools and the maturity to implement them. 70% of what I teach teens are communication skills, Decisions making skills, relationship skills and to have the discipline to achieve their personal greatness.

24/7, 365 It takes more than 50 minutes a week listening to problems to change a person’s life. Therefore I am available to teens as life is happening. My clients have access to me by phone, text, etc, never needing to wait for a future appointment to get input when a situation is urgent, a question is weighing or support will make the difference between failure and serious success.

Positive Bias & The Right Brain My clients learn to always orient towards possibilities and solutions, regardless of how stressful life may be or the challenges they face. They learn to avoid negativity and negative people and to build alliances with positive minded people. They develop their creativity and critical- thinking skills, gaining access to ‘right brain’ thinking – the kind of thinking most cutting edge experts agree will be critical for success in the 21st Century.

Results Clients who come to me in crisis, generally experience positive change in their lives in a matter of a few sessions. Those who come seeking character and skill development, find continual benefit as the relationship we form, the mentoring I offer and the resources I point them towards becomes an invaluable resource as they advance their lives and meet the challenges of growing-up.

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