Parents: Right Words, Wrong Source. Now There Is A Third Voice

You know your child is officially an adolescent when: You offer excellent advice that they reject, solely because it is coming from their parent! As frustrating as this may be, it is actually evidence of healthy development. Intrinsically your teen is awakening to life’s harsh truths: One day they will not have you to protect them. Instinctively they know they must become capable of surviving on their own. The only way they can prove this TO THEMSELVES, is to make decisions without you, try on their own and find their own solutions.

This doesn’t mean they won’t listen to advice from others.  Too often though, in the absence of trusted adults who have established credibility and make them feel respected, teens turn instead to their peers (who know less than they do) or to popular media (which doesn’t give a damn about them).

If parents are The First Voice in a child’s life. Peers and Pop-Culture/Media form a screaming, cacophony of noise that become the Second Voice in their life – the one teens mostly listen to during the Coming-of-Age stage of life we call adolescence.

The voice of the Wise Elder, once revered and painstakingly sought out, has been mostly lost in modern society. For hundred of teens around the globe, Evolution Mentoring is changing that… and can for your teen tooBy providing a wise, but updated, contemporarily relevant, voice that comes from someone who is not a parent yet is also a responsible, moral, experienced adult… someone whom teens respect, listen to and will allow themselves to be challenged by..

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