A Way Of Life

I realize what was needed was a way of life that was going to continue to work no matter what changes were happening in the world personally or at large. A way of life that was going to continue to allow them to move forward even when things were extremely difficult. And way of life that would allow them to continue to find deep satisfaction even in what feels like a scarcity of opportunity.

And of course

The ability to sort for possibilities. The ability to update. Did Yellit me to recognize subtle signs and signals in the system. The ability to be decisive. The ability to not know. The capacity to be bored. The ability to believe in something bigger than themselves that allows them to sustain through the most difficult times. On that note people who say we have been blessed, lack this.

The ability to not take things personal that aren’t. The ability to be able to stand alone, leaving friendships behind that no longer serve them.

The ability to stay calm and centered and grounded even under immense pressure and disappointment.

The ability to have intimacy. The ability to have the kinds of difficult uncomfortable situation all conversations that many people tend to avoid or will do through email or text instead of in person. The ability to be able to stay present to others in the midst of intense emotion.

The ability to be able to cultivate rich deep friendships. The ability to cultivate a healthy intimate relationship, and a healthy intimate sex life.

The ability to manage themselves amidst unbelievable ease of access to immediate gratification and Tim Tatian.

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