First of all, here is the link to take the yodolphin assessment that will reveal to you where your values are most inclined… It takes about 15 minutes, is cheap and very revealing in regards to self-knowledge. It is truly worthwhile and I highly encourage you to check it out

Now on to something you probably weren’t expecting –

NOTE: What’s offered below, applies only to the next two days:

Raising Leaders Who Will Save Our World, Save Our Planet And Save Our Future…

Are you in?

Brief Background & Overview: I have worked with summer camps as a consultant, trainer and confidant for Camp Leaders since 1997. I am extremely proud of the work I have done and the contribution I have made. I am also humbled by the opportunity to share my talents and gifts with the over 200 camps who have invited me to do so.

I have always tried to deliver the highest quality work with the deepest lasting impact. I know of now better way to do this than to teach through real life stories and to be the living model of what is possible when one engages children in the way that I learned to do after 25 years of experience – experience that began when I was a camp counselor myself.

My message, “One Thing You Say Or Do Can Change A Child’s Life” came to me in a moment of inspiration, moments before I was to speak to my first summer camp staff.

That idea has inspired over 25,000 people who have heard the stories. I still deliver this message in my camp staff trainings, and teach the critical skills and mindset that equips Camp Counselors to do this calibre of work. [If you are interested in having me deliver this to your staff, contact me as soon as possible. As you know, early summer orientation dates fill quickly.]

In the past 5 years though, I have been singing a slightly different tune…

Not a tune that is in conflict with that message, rather one that is asking of us something more than to just change a child’s life for the better.

This new message is about how to inspire and prepare our staff and campers to grow into the rare individuals who will do what it takes to create lasting positive change, and ultimately on a large scale… beginning in their homes, with their peers, in their schools, in their communities and untimately, in our world.

What I realized is that while it is true that one you thing say or do can change a child’s life, if we do a series of things right, we can set them on a course to become extraordinary. . . and to live with conviction around a set of values that will ensure the world will be a far better place because they were on it.

I have spent nearly a decade now designing programs for teens and young adults that:

  • Empower them to have their voice and to use it
  • Empower them to have well thought out opinions
  • Empower them to be independent when they need to be
  • Empower them to collaborate and work with others
  • Empower them to have healthy boundaries in their relationships
  • Empower them to build lasting bonds, find real love and keep commitments
  • Empower them to live with Humble Assertiveness
  • Empower them to act with Courage
  • Empower them to bring out the best in others

And perhaps most importantly:

  • That inspire them to care enough to act on these things, even when it isn’t easy or popular…

And they are, one by one, beginning to make the impact.

This summer I am offering to deliver these kinds of programs to NO MORE THAN 9 CAMPS – and three are already signed up.

That means there is the possibility for your camp to become one of the few camps in the world to offer teens this extraordinary training in the skills, mindset and strategies that will allow them to not only lead deeply satisfying lives personally, but will inspire them to make contributions on a scale that potentially is global.

Schools don’t offer this kind of training. Scouts, Youth Groups, Youth Leadership Councils, etc do not offer this calibre of training. Even Tony Robbins couldn’t hold court with what is offered here…

But you can.

If you are seriously interested – and only if you are serious and not just curious – contact me as soon as possible, ideally while we are still at the conference here in Atlanta. I will schedule a time to meet with you and begin what may become, one of the most important relationships in either of our lives.

If this speaks to you and you take action now, I assure you,this conference and your next summer, just became a whole lot more interesting!

Call or text me at 415.441.8218   or email my PRIVATE EMAIL: (Note – only my private clients can reach me on that email. Every one else emails me through my business email which I respond to only when I get to it. Emails to the other email address ALWAYS get INSTANT REPLIES.)

When I hear from you, we will schedule to begin this journey… first to decide if we are a match to work together… then to go on and help save our planet.

Jeff Leiken

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