Articles in Camping Magazine

This page is filled with links to articles I’ve published in Camping Magazine. Including my Award Winning series on 13 year olds in camps, and camps that dared to be different.

As you read through these, you’ll notice they go the range from some  “how-to” for training counselors, to exploring ideas that speak to Camp Leaders who are confronted with the larger sociological and philosophical considerations as we emerge further into the 21st Century and away from a world that values what camps do in the way they once did.

Camp Counseling in the Twenty-First Century: Connecting the Disconnected

Teens at Camp, Camp and Teens – Camp Programs that Dare to be Different! – Runner-Up Golden Quill Award

Teaching Thirteen-Year-Old Girls a Whole New Way of Life – Winner Golden Quill Award

Exploring the True Potential in Thirteen-Year-Old Boys – Winner Golden Quill Award

Making Ordinary Moments Extraordinary – ** Recommended for staff training **

The Hidden Motivator for Today’s Staff

Seven Absolutes of Camp Counseling ** Recommended for staff training **

Everything You Say and Do Matters – Teaching Staff To Put Campers First ** Recommended for staff training **

Creating Your Ideal Camp Culture co-authored with Joseph Riggio

Eliminate Gossip and Rumors . . . and Create a Fully Unified Staff

The Difficult Bunk Meeting ** Recommended for staff training **

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