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Excellent Answers To Your Toughest Questions. Real Solutions To Your Most Complex Challenges.

Evolution Mentoring For Young Adults in their 20s and 30s.

Thank you for your interest in Beyond The Game. I designed this specifically to meet the unqiue needs of the fastest growing segment of my client base – young adults in their 20s and 30s.

You face universal challenges consistent with every one of your age throughout history…  and you face unique challenges brought on by the economic, political and environmental chaos we now face.

My goal is to help you “see the trees for the forest”… to help you easily and smoothly navigate your way through complex situations, undo the limiting thinking brought on by years of institutionalized schooling and following conventional wisdom, ultimately so that you make the connections both personally and professionally, that will fulfill you.. make you excited to awken each day and get out of bed… and lead you to deep, resounding satisfaction.

Here are my greatest obstacles to helping your generation: Most of your generation are highly skeptical of anyone promising answers that will be more than ‘feel-good cliche’ or that will lead to real results. Many of you are actually cynical, having been jaded by spending years of your life doing everything you were supposed to do, only to find that life isn’t making anything easy for you.

Here are your greatest obstacles: Letting go of your expectations from the past, being willing to shift your whole orientation in regards to what is possible. For example, a number of you have gotten your whole relationship life off track by beginning with sex, then seeking emotional intimacy… You are ‘hooking-up” but not really connecting. And you are addicted to  instant gratification in general (for many people your age, reading this page is already asking too much and it only takes four minutes to do so).

Let me give you some examples of the kinds of insights you will get from me:


Conventional Wisdom:

Never go to bed angry. They encourage you to always work things out with your partner before going to sleep.

I say: Go to bed angry!

The conventional wisdom is horrible advice! Often times the only reason you are so angry is because you are so tired. Tiredness and fatigue is one of the most common causes of all fights and #2 cause of what leads to relationships ending badly. Just think about how many stupid things you’ve said and done because you were tired (or under the influence) – things you wouldn’t have said or done had you been ‘on your game’. Modern humans operate sleep deprived en masse. Learning to recognize when you are tired and committing to just stepping away, shutting down and going to sleep is going to prove critical to your building a deeply satisfying, lasting intimate relationship.


(BTW – We can do this in about an hour – saving you potentially years of ‘trial and error’ learning)

Conventional Wisdom:

Find your passion.

I say: Don’t find your passion – Find Your Direction!

The conventional wisdom is awful advice. I’m 43 years old and have met a handful of people who have ‘found their passion’  – the ONE THING they feel meant to do. I have however met countless people who lead deeply fulfilling, often fascinating lives.

The way they did it and you can too?

By FINDING THEIR DIRECTION and going in that direction. If you work with me I will help you identify with definitive certainty the proper direction to go with your life so that you’l know for certain that you are making the quality of decisions and investing your time in the places that will lead to a fulfilling, regret-free life. (BTW – We can do this in about an hour – saving you potentially years of ‘trial and error’ learning)

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