How Social Just Warrior Anti-Racists Became The New Racists

By Jeff | Published January 11th, 2018

You can’t fight fire with fire.

You can’t defeat hate with hate.

No one ended any oppressive ism in the world by being more righteous bitter and hateful than the ones they were fighting.

In spite of this there is a growing movement of people – mostly teens and young adults – who are trying. If you do’t learn from history, you are bound to repeat it.

They find strength in numbers and support in one another. They shout from rooftops and shout from social media posts. They gather in “safe zones” and point fingers at the haters… and they point hatefully.

Fears Of Teens From Affluent Communities

By Jeffrey | Published October 5th, 2017

Fear of missing out

Fear of getting it wrong

Fear of being excluded

Fear of being under-impressive



By Jeffrey | Published March 13th, 2017

This is a private page for attendees at the Tri State Camp Conference:

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Download Handout pdf:  New Common Sense Handout


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Why The Mainstream Discussion on (& Treatments of) Teens’ Stress & Anxiety Is Ignoring The Cause

By Jeffrey | Published March 6th, 2017

There is a MULTI- Billion Dollar market in the United States  based on stress in youth. A lot of money exchanging hands between a lot of people and a lot of businesses.

From the 20% of Millennial youth who say they have been told by professionals that they suffer from either Anxiety or Depression, to the medication prescriptions drugs like Xanax, Zoloft & Prozac, to the psychiatrists who prescribe them, the psychotherapists who “treat” them, the educational consultants, tutors and test prep industry, the sleep disorder clinics, the Organization and Time Management Coaches, the Educational Therapists (one of the newer trends), Mindfullness classes, stress-management classes, etcetera, this is a very big “problem” and there is a lot of money in play to address it.

Most major publications have featured cover stories in recent years


Extraordinary Mentoring For Millenials

By Jeffrey | Published February 27th, 2016


By Jeffrey | Published February 2nd, 2016

Personal Life Training and Mentoring For  21st Century Teens & Young Adults

“Jeff is the Tony Robbins of the Under-30 Crowd”
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Top 4

By Jeffrey | Published October 28th, 2014

Group Mentoring

Mentoring Groups For Teens In San Francisco & New York

Real life success requires far more than what’s taught in schoolLearn More!

The Gift Of Direction ->

By Jeffrey | Published January 14th, 2014

Empowering Youth


Are we selling our kids souls

Prepare For College

By Jeffrey | Published May 27th, 2013

College promo image


The 7th Character Trait of Extraordinary People

By Jeffrey | Published May 18th, 2013

Here is the link to the 7th Character Trait of Extraordinary People.

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