Evolution Mentoring New York

An Introduction to . . .
Beyond The Game

An All New Evolution Mentoring Program
For Adults In their 20s

New York

Amidst the cacophony of noise and the onslaught of opinions and ideas out there, whose advice do you follow and whose opinions matter to you?

Life Coaches, Self-Help Gurus, Personal Trainers, Psychotherapists, etc. are a dime a dozen. Some are useful, but in the long run, most aren’t. Forget their titles and credentials… Just look at results.

Whether or not you’ve read their books or met and worked with these folks yet, there is only one criteria that matters:

Is following these people’s opinions and advice, leading you to the life you want?

The question is, does the effect of having worked with them, have the lasting impact you want for your life?

Most people are seeking for something to be present in their life that isn’t yet, at least not consistently.

Those who value what is offered here are seeking one thing in particular: Deep Lasting Satisfaction.

Jeffrey Leiken, who will be running this program with you, is a master of evolution mentoring, that is helping people to see beyond the narrow thinking that has been taught to them about how to believe life works. He’ll be training you in the ways that make life really work …  to distill out of your day to day experience the quality of life you most want. He’ll teach you the kinds of sophisticated skills – like the high-level decision making and interpersonal communication strategies used by elite performers (BTW these are the kind of strategies that Tim Ferris has been studying, dissecting and writing about for a few years now)  that will empower you to produce serious results, professionally and personally.

[NOTE: Jeff is expanding his practice to make this value and learning available to a much larger audience.]



Here is a brief – very brief  – introductory video:

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