High School Boys Group


2011-12 Evolution Mentoring High School Teen Boys Group:
Growing Boys Into Young Men In A Culture Of Bros & Guys

For countless reasons, opportunities to engage teen boys in meaningful dialogue with adult men are scarce.  Even when we can, there are serious obstacles to being able to easily inspire teen boys to do  critical thinking about important issues and to care. It often seems that anything that isn’t downloadable as an ap on their iphone or can’t be watched in 4 minutes on youtube is simply too much to ask them to do – especially after being bored for many hours a day in school.

The ancient ritual rites-of-passage that elders gave as a gift to their teen boys, ensuring they were educated, trained and prepared in the ways of responsibilities of manhood have mostly disappeared.

Yet boys still need men. They don’t need them “now more than ever” –  they need them “as much now as ever”… They need their guidance. They need their wisdom. They need men to model for them how to manage responsibilities, handle conflict, be a husband and be a father… how to be part of a team… how to take a stance, influence others, command respect… and decide what matters and live like it does.

That’s what I offer in these programs. I am one man and one voice, but it is one that most teen boys consistently respect, listen to and remember.


I will bring in others from time to time… interesting men with intriguing life stories… and all who share a consistent theme of values about how to live an honorable life:

  • Be trustworthy
  • Keep commitments
  • Respect others
  • Learn to love
  • Work hard: Learn to Delay Gratification
  • Pursue excellence in what really matters to you
  • Appreciate life: Take nothing and no one for granted
  • Don’t take any crap from anyone who tries to bring you down
  • Leave the world a better place than you found it
  • Make your life count

It is an honor to get this opportunity to work with your sons, share my life-work and with humility and determination, help you – and our world- to raise them into the kind and calibre of men we desperately need.


How it Works:

This is for all High School aged teen boys, 9th – 12th grade. The group meets 12 times per year (not from mid-June through mid-August)

Meetings are 75 minutes in length. Punctuality and attendance is expected.

Meetings will vary between Sundays and weekday evenings. All weekday evening start times are 6:30pm. Due to my extensive travel schedule, I cannot commit to a regular time each week. I can however commit fully to ensuring the boys walk away saying their time here was totally worth it.

Fee: $945/semester OR $ 1550/year (SAVE $345 by paying all at once). Non-Refundable. No pay by the session. Credit will be offered if for some reason I need to change the schedule and this won’t work for you. Entering in the middle of a semester will pay a pro-rated fee based on percentage of sessions remaining.

2011-2012 Winter Dates:

  1. February 12 – Sunday – 4:00pm
    February 28 – Tuesday – 6:30pm
    March 11- Sunday – 4:00pm
    March 28 – Wednesday – 6:30pm
    April 29th – Sunday – 4:00pm
    May 9th – Wednesday 6:30pm
    May 23rd – Wednesday – 6:30pm

Location: Mill Valley


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