Solve Teen Problems Without Therapy!

Evolution Mentoring helps adolescents grow into mature, secure, confident young adults.  This work regularly helps them become the kind of people who know who they are and what they want, and who also possess the resilient,  disciplined character to achieve their personal success and to live in integrity with their highest values.
Imagine if your kids had the benefit of knowing now, what you wished you’d known then.That’s the magic and power of offering them this resource.

Many of today’s teens are stressed-out, irritable and annoyed. Many are  bored with school, frustrated by the constant sense of competition, distracted constantly by technology, consumed with social demands and disillusioned by the flow of negative news and the hypocrisy of the adult world. Rather than looking forward to growing up into adulthood the way we were, they are scared, intimidated and even overwhelmed by the challenges created by current economic, political and social conditions.

98% of them are not mentally ill. They don’t need psychotherapy, analysis, clinical treatment or any of the common invasive interventions often imposed upon them that treat them like an ill patient who is helpless and incapable and needing to be coddled.

My approach of Mentoring has helped thousands of teens build happy, successful, thriving lives, in spite of the negativity and chaos of the world they live in and in spite of the bad habits and limiting skills that are leading them to be the way they are before he begins with them.

It can help your teen or young adult son or daughter  too.

Whether through meeting with them regularly in person in San Francisco, Mill Valley, New York or London, or working with them from a distance with the help of modern technology, I’ll establish a significant meaningful relationship with your son or daughter , will become one of the first people whom they turn to in times of need (yes, instead of their peers!), and most importantly, I’ll train them in the attitudes and ways of success- helping them grow into extraordinary people –  the kind and caliber our world desperately needs.

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