What Is Mentoring & Why Does It Work?

Mentoring is an incredibly powerful and effective means of training others in the ways of life’s success that the mentor himself has mastered.  Unlike common helping professions like therapy which forms a clinical relationship bounded by 50 minute sessions in offices,  the Mentoring relationship is unbounded by 50 minute sessions or safe office walls… It happens in life as life is happening, by phone, email, text, IM… in addition to meeting as often as it takes in person.

Imagine your teen having a mature, responsible adult who is highly experienced in helping people  their age sort through the kinds of problems they face, whom they contact and get feedback from right in the midst of challenging moments.. someone whom both they and you trust, who helps them get refocused and centered, and in a mindset to make excellent decisions… This is the power of the Mentoring Jeff offers and of the relationship he forms with them.

Jeff gives them truly helpful, mature perspectives on the challenges they face, guides them to an internal sense of confidence and centeredness that allows them to make excellent decisions, and then empowers them with many specific, practical skills and tools that work to generate the kinds of responses and results in the world that lead to happy, fulfilled lives. It does all this without ever treating them like they are damaged or needing to be fixed. Mentoring is primarily an educational model – but unlike school, this is an education in the things that really matter to empower teens to be confident, focused and  excellent decision makers. It leads them to be inspired, empowered and ready to meet life’s challenges and transcend them to find true personal success.

The learning happens through meaningful, engaging dialogue, sharing of many examples, etc… but most importantly, by giving them the chance to spend time in the presence of someone who is a true role model of this way of life, not just as one who talks about what he’s read in books, but as one who has truly been there, lived it, learned it and has 20+ years of success helping others to do the same.

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