Inspiring The Uninspired


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Empowering 21st Century Youth To Thrive:

Inspiring The Uninspired

From the dull and bored, to the indifferent and apathetic, to the burned out and cynical, the current lifestyle many children are raised with combined with coming of age in a very unstable world, leads them to be living uninspired lives.

Rather than be excited, curious and adventurous as kids and adolescents should be and are by birthright, a growing number have lost the critical spark that is requisite for a thriving life. It is not that they are all depressed, rather that anything less than waking up excited about life and looking forward to the marvelous adventure life is, while perhaps a norm that is commonly accepted especially amongst adolescents, is a norm that sells life short. We can do something about it, something that is critically needed in these difficult times.

Two kinds of Inspiration:

1. The kind that feels good, pumps up the adrenaline  and makes people feel excited about life. Often, this kind fades, typically the moment ordinary life returns.

Music, movies, stories, etc can have this inspirational effect. An amazing sports fete or news of someone overcoming some extraordinary obstacle can too. The reason this inspiration is short lived is because it either is almost completely sensorially driven (like the effect internally of listening to really great music) OR while the story may be amazing, it fails to connect with the listener in a way that they can personally identify themselves in the accomplishment, leaving them to think “I can do this too”.

People often have similar experiences at concerts where the music moves and inspires them. They are on a “natural high”, grooving with inspiration. Most often though, this fades and just becomes a great memory.

2. The kind that generates a sense of transcendence, opening up a whole new caliber of thinking and consideration about life. This opens up not just a greater sense of what is possible, but instigates something that once turned on, won’t be turned off.

While the first kind of inspiration is useful and has it’s place, ultimately what our kids are lacking at the deepest levels is this second kind of inspiration.

To cultivate this kind of inspiration for them requires two things – skills, opportunity, congruence and a little bit of magic.

This session will offer skills. It will teach you how to identify and create opportunities. It will help you to be congruent. The magic though is where you’ll need to take a leap of faith and come along for the ride…

Four kinds of Transcendent Inspiration

#1: Something that creates profound appreciation, at such

a humbling magnitude, that it creates lasting inspiration.

#2: Something that creates a sense of awe of how much bigger life is, the world is, and the possibilities for any one’s life.

#3: Something that creates radical shift in perspective – especially how less can be so much more

#4:  Something that generates aesthetic awareness of an

unusual magnitude, turning ordinary into

extraordinary, profane into sacred.

The Core Skill: Noticing and Utilizing

Asking the questions is easy. Knowing what to listen for and ‘track’ for and what to do with the information that you uncover is where the power and magic of this work happens.

As you listen WITHOUT JUDGEMENT AND WITHOUT BIAS, notice only for the moment something changes in them that break the ordinary pattern: Tonal shift, postural shift, repetition of a particular expression, fixation on a particular idea. It is on those moments and those fixations that the inspiration is to be found.  In this session, we’ll practice this and then discuss how to utilize the information you discover to feed it back and feed it into their system in such a way that amplifies it and makes it endlessly valuable.

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