Recommended Reading For It Takes A Village October 7, 2010:

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There is also a link on my facebook fanpage to the 45 minute long Canadian documentary “The Disappearing Male”. This goes in depth on the topic of decreased male sperm counts, infertility, shrinking genitals, delayed puberty, etc caused by extensive exposure to environmental toxins. Remember, Canada has banned BPAs, as have other counties. The US continues to ignore the mounting evidence.

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Below are a list of books I recommend. Click on any of these to buy directly from Amazon, or print out this page and take it with you to your favorite neighborhood bookstore. Most of these should be available or easily ordered, unless otherwise noted. You’ll notice that many of the recent top sellers like Raising Cain and Real Boys are not on this list. I find them either too over-simplified, or too all-encompassing to help parents formulate a well-formed parenting position. What is offered here builds towards a very powerful singularity:

Boys Adrift is an excellent, concise book that explores many of the environmental factors – including video gaming –  impacting male development. Sax is a huge advocate of singe sex education. While I do not believe it is for everyone, he offers some provocative insights on it. He does offer compelling reasons on why waiting an extra year for boys to enter school is often an excellent idea.

Hold On To Your Kids is a book that carries the message that most closely reflects my own beliefs about parenting and what it takes to raise kids to become extraordinary adults. Neufeld lays out a detailed and at times disturbing look at what happens when kids spend far too much time with peers and far too little with adults. After reading this, you will feel empowered to take a bold stance with your kids.

Escaping The Endless Adolescence is another book that speaks straight to the heart of what I have found to be true in my own practice. It reveals how many of the common parenting and schooling practices, contribute to training youth to get stuck in adolescence, living their lives by adolescent values and with often child like skills. It will help you plan now, to ensure they are truly independent later.

Season Of Life is a very moving story of how a former pro-football star turned personal life tragedy, into the inspiration to grow boys into men of substantial character. That he does this by coaching them in football at an elite private school, makes the story even bolder. Several local schools have brought him as a speaker. None of them actually apply what he teaches. After reading this, you’ll understand why – and why it is so often up to you to ensure your boys get the modeling and leadership they desperately need.

Magical Parent, Magical Child is condensed version of the core message of Joseph Chilton Pearce. Pearce is a Thought Leader on the topic of raising healthy kids who thrive. His ability to explain the fundamental importance of parenting in the subtle, often sublime nuances of it, makes this an extremely important and valuable read.

Parenting From The Inside Out will give you valuable insights into your parenting style, where your limitations are and how to break free from them. It is intelligently written and based on years of experience. They offer many examples that make this easily relatable to you and your parenting. Highly recommended.

The Case Against Homework is a must read for any parent who is struggling with their children to get them to keep up with the ever increasing load of homework that schools expect of them. Often parents get stuck in believing the hype around homework, but lack the real information about what is actually good for their kids. You’ll learn why countries like Japan actually limit the amount of homework kids get, and why this has boosted their learning and retention. Be an advocate for your kids. Don’t let outdated school systems bully you into doing harm to your kids.

A Whole New Mind was a best -seller last year. Pink lays out some of the more forward thinking research and approaches to what it will really take to thrive in the 21st Century – particularly in the work force. This is a bold statement against traditional comply, memorize and regurgitate learning, and a bold call to parents to ensure they cultivate their children’s capacity for creativity.

Hooking Up – Campus Life is a must read. Though it focuses on life on college campuses and is almost 10 years old, it could just as well describe life at your local high schools today. The practice has supplanted dating, leading kids to expect sex with no strings attached and at younger and younger ages. It is critical to understand the culture your kids are growing up in and what it’s teaching them about relationships. Undoing the limitations this creates is a huge part of my work with older teens.

Weapons Of Mass Instruction is a disturbing, historical and philosophical expose on the limitations and detriments of the compulsory education system we were all raised in, that still dominates today. Gotto is a former New York State Teacher Of The Year who speaks from a very personal journey that led him to take the position he now espouses. This is not a feel-good read. It will not endear you to the institutions you send your kids to every day. What it may do, is inspire you to take a far greater role in advocating for your children and far great responsibility to properly educate them to learn the things that truly matter.

The Long Shadow Of Temperament offers fascinating research into the nature vs nurture question. How much of your child’s personality is inherent temperament, versus learned and conditioned behavior? New research points to the role of nature playing a far greater factor than the field of psychology – particularly psychotherapy – has realized. What nature instills, training and learning can expand beyond… but nature will always be a forceful factor.

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