Camp Leaders 2012

Do You Want Unlimited Access To A Top Camp Consultant To Help Counsel You Through Your Toughest Scenarios You’ll Face This Summer?

How About A PhD Level Training In Effective Communication, Leadership And Influence?


Dear Camp Leader:

You are only reading this because your instincts led you to attend a session I led at the Tri-State Camp Conference or the National Camp Conference.

This has not been publicized anywhere else.

For 15 years I have consulted with over 200 Summer Camps across North America, many of them some of the most recognizeable and highly respected camps in the industry. For years, I averaged over 45 days with camps each summer – double what many other camp consultants in the industry were (or still are) doing.

From training staff to up their game to a professional level, to developing Mid-Level Leaders (Head Counselors, Unit Heads, etc) into Leaders Who Perform At A Professional Level, to growing teen campers into the calibre of young people you’d one day want to hire… My work has always been about studying what works, teaching what works and helping individauls and organizations to build their best success upon their strengths and greatest assets.

Forget what you find in all the formulaic advice proffered by many “experts”. Why? Because… Producing real results and creating lasting positive change in the lives of today’s youth and staff, especially in today’s economy and with today’s parents takes far more than the feel-good 7 Steps to Superness that is spoon fed to the masses.

That may help train a neophyte camp counselor to get a camper to fold their napkin a few times, or to fill an hour of staff training week making teaching waterfront procedures more fun and memoreable… but it is not going to help you face the real challenges you face as a leader in 2012 and to emerge triumphant.

Let’s get real… “I statements” get nowhere with some of the high power clients you must work with… Oreo cookie compliments get laughed at by today’s staff… and if you don’t realize this, you are vastly out of touch.

Do you want to know what really works though?

That’s where this opportunity to comes along.

In 2012 – from now through the end of the year – I will be making an offer that I have never made before… to make myself and my experience and advice (after 25 years of studying what does work and with a track record of success to substantiate it), available to you, at fraction of a fraction of the cost of what my private clients pay for it.

Not only will I make myself available to you “on-call” from now through the end of August, I will also include you in an EXCLUSIVE TWO DAY TRAINING for select Camp Leaders that I will offer for you in May on the east coast. Even if you can’t be there in person, the recordings will be made available to you.


This will NOT be two days of sessions you can get at a camp conference.

This will be two days of highly advanced, sophisticated training that very few people in the camp, education or even field of psychology ever receive.


Because they make the critical error of learning therapy-speak and formulaic answers, and not the deep structure of semantics, linguistics and influence…

Yet I use the deep structure of semantics, linguistics and influence to empower my Private Clients – who pay me upwards of $18,000 a year for my time and expertise – to produce results regardless of the obstacles they face, what baggage they may bring with them and how tough circumstances may be.

I have clients in 17 states, 8 countries and 3 continents. They are a select group – and they are doing things with their lives and their organizations that few people are doing.

What’s Involved and What You will Receive:

  • Your investment will be $2500, one time, all inclusive.
  • You will receive participation in the two day live training with no more than 12 of your peers
  • You will receive weekly conference calls that will be recorded and made available to you

And here’s the biggest benefit of all:

You will receive UNLIMITED ACCESS TO ME BY PHONE FROM THE DAY YOU REGISTER UNTIL THE END OF AUGUST… Any time something comes up that you want to discuss or get advice on, you just need to call. I guarantee a call back by the end of the day for any call that comes in by 9pm EST, and a first thing in the morning call back for any call or email that comes in after that.

While summer time calls will mostly be short, they will be as long as  they need to be to help you get the input you want, make the best decisions possible and be as successful as you want to be. Your conversations with me can be about issues that are personal or professional…

The Unlimited Access alone is worth $7500 just for the summer months. The live-training and on-going training is worth double that…

And to make this an absolute no brainer of a deal…

I will make myself available on a more limited basis, all the way through December.

Now to make the decision even easier for you:

If you haven’t already decided to be one of the select 12, you can try this out at no cost to you!

I will schedule an up to 30 minute consultation with you… ask me anything you want… run your toughest scenarios by me… if at the end of that 30 minutes of my time, you are aren’t left wanting more of this kind and quality of advice, then I will apologize for wasting your time. If on the other hand you are convinced, then be prepared to act quickly. The space will close after 12 are registered and the sooner you sign-up, the sooner you can start taking advantage of this.

There are already 3 signed up. Contact me as soon as possible to join this elite group.

Email    415.441.8218

Take the step and your life just got a whole lot more interesting. . . !


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