The 7 Critical Decisions

Thank you for attending my recent presentation at Marin Catholic and for your interest in this program!

Here is the link to the recording:

This presentation was recorded March 30, 2012. Over 150 parents from around the world were on the call, many of whom were interested in learning more about the HeroPath For Teens programs happening in Chicago and London in May. [FYI – Currently the Chicago program is sold-out and we are taking Waiting List only. A California program will be added in late 2012.]

The first 50 minutes of this call are exclsuively about the 7 Critical Decisions All Teens Must Make That Determine The Quality Of Their Young Adult Lives, and include many comments and indeas about what parens do that equips their teens to make these choices wisely.

I hope you find value in what you hear on this recording. 

Jeffrey Leiken


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