My Gift

I have the ability to meet many youth and quickly see the best potential for who they can become, long before they do themselves. Often times the clarity with which I see it, is amazingly precise. 

In the beginning of my career, I could help these youth to believe in themselves and feel better about themselves, and this alone gave them hope.

After 25 years of doing this work, I’ve now developed an extensive repertoire of skills to fully help them evolve into the best person they can become. In it the simplest language possible, that is what I do.

Here’s the thing though:

I do not have this ability to see the best in every one I meet. It only happens with certain people. Whether this is some grand scheme of the cosmos, a limitation of my own or all simply a delusion I hold, over time one thing is clear: When I sense it in a new potential client, I am 100% confident I will succeed with them. If I don’t sense it,  the work we end up doing is typically useful, but not always filled with the depth and magic that happens with the others.

 Rest assured that if I offer to take your teen on as a client and suggest we make the full investment into it, then it is because I have sensed it and the role I am there to play.


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