Mentoring Options and Fees

Three Levels of Private Evolution Mentoring

Intensive Monthly Limited Intensive Monthly Unlimited All-Inclusive Unlimited
$500/Month Investment $1500/Month Investment $2500/month Investment

1) 75 Minute Scheduled Private Mentoring Session

2)Client-Initiated Phone and email contact

3) 50% Discount in programs, workshops and products

4) [for minors] Limited  availability to parents for consultation, as needed


1) Three or more  60 to 90 minute Private Mentoring Sessions.

2) Both Client-Initiated and Mentor-Initiated phone, skype and email contact.

3) Participation in groups, workshops, programs.

4)(for minors) Immediate-Response availability to parents for consultation, as needed.


1) One Full Day of Private Mentoring per month, plus additional meetings as agreed upon

2) Unlimited phone, skype, email contact (can include daily and even multiple times per day contact when needed

3) Participation in any groups, workshops & programs

4) (for minors) Immediate-Response availability to parents for consultation, as needed

* Client Initiated contact means I am available to answer calls about specific issues or questions that come up. “How can I handle this situation with my girlfriend?” or “I need some advice on a decision I need to make.” These calls are usually 15 minutes or less. ** Mentor Initiated contact means that I will take the initiative to reach out to you as often as needed to ensure you are getting the results you want.  Sometimes this means we may speak multiple times per week, or even in a day if the situation you are going through needs that kind of contact and time.
Who this is for:

People who are generally self-motivated and focused, who are working on a specific aspect of their development.

Teens who are well-adjusted and looking to gain further insight and skills in an aspect of their lives. They do not need a lot of contact to get the results they are seeking.

People who have worked more intensively with Jeff, and are now in a secure place in their life.  They are wanting to stay connected for help staying on course, refining  skills, managing complex situations that come up. Many college students who have worked extensively with Jeff in the past, opt to utilize this level of service.

Who this is for:

75% of people who are new to Evolution Mentoring, participate at this level. This allows for the fastest way to get the value of this work into you (or you son or daughter’s) life.

The is the full on experience of having Jeff available “in the moment” as life is unfolding, as well as to have him calling you, texting you, sending you articles, being available at 10pm when a major issue just unfolded and getting excellent advice is critical and timely.

Parents utilize this level of service too, knowing Jeff will be available to speak with them, meet with them or even meet with the family together if needed. All included with this level of commitment.

Who this is for:

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