Have You Ever Wondered As A Parent, What Can You Do To Help Your Child Truly Succeed?

How to help your teen navigate a high pressure, high competition scholastic and social environment 

Thursday May 5th, 7pm
Princeton Arts Council Theater, Princeton, NJ
Exclusive Invitational Event

A Presentation by Jeffrey Leiken MA,  Author of Adolescence Is Not A Disease


bookimageWe want our teens to grow into adults who thrive and prosper, not just professionally but also personally.

But first, they must survive the culture of extreme competition and relentless pressure that pervades the current high school academic and social experience.  

Jeffrey Leiken is a Master of  guiding teens through this complex terrain, helping them not just manage the stress, but to become savvy and adept at reading people, making excellent decisions, performing under pressure and perhaps most critically, keeping perspective even when every one around them (including many of the adults) are out of their minds with worry and concern!

In this Invitational program, Jeff will offer thought-provoking insights and a success curriculum that will ensure your teens will have an edge in a competitive world.

He will offer parents Five Essential Skills & Capacities their teens must develop by the time they leave for college that will ensure they will not only succeed, but will do so without most of the pitfalls that most highly academically educated but poorly life-educated teens fall into.  This is based on Jeff’s remarkable track record of success in helping teens mature into capable, autonomous young adults.

His message is positive. The steps he will suggest are do-able. His style is engaging, humorous and deeply personal. The support he will offer is invaluable.

Participants will received a free copy of his book: Adolescence Is Not A Disease: Beyond Drinking, Drugs & Dangerous Friends – The Journey To Adulthood (Advantage Media) 



Jeffrey Leiken, MA Founder Evolution Mentoring International, Co-Founder HeroPath International:

Jeffrey has over 50,000 hours of experience mentoring teens and young adults, and has presented to over 30,000 parents, teens and youth development professionals. He has delivered a TED presentation , guest lectured at Stanford University, keynoted the International Coaching in Education Conference in London and consulted with over 300 North American Summer Camps. He has led programs for teens on 3 continents, regularly partnering with a school in Oxford helping ensure their graduates succeed in life in spite of the competitive, chaotic world in which they are coming of age.


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