One thing you say or do can change your child’s life

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Wednesday December 1st in Mill Valley


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Everything we say and do makes an impact on our children… the things we say, and the things we don’t say… the things we do, and the things we don’t do.

Sometimes it takes just one comment, one moment, to make an impact on them that shapes their sense of who they are, who they can be and determines the direction they’ll go with their lives. Rarely do we know when it has happened.

Come spend an engaging evening immersed in a fascinating exploration of the messages you send your kids – directly and indirectly, intentionally and inadvertently  – that are quite literally shaping the structure of how they perceive reality, make meaning in their lives and identify themselves in a chaotic world.

  • Are you setting them on a course to explore the edges of their potential for greatness, or inadvertently creating barriers that inhibit growth and lead to issues and complications later on?
  • What is your Family Mythology that is being passed on through you to them, and are you using this in their favor or is it working against them and you?
  • What are the essential character traits you want to reinforce and when possible, build, in your kids that will help them thrive? Which very common, expert-endorsed ones, should you avoid like the plague?

You only get one chance to raise your kids your way, and too often your influence as parents is trumped by the influences of peers, popular culture and dysfunctional institutions.

What you’ll learn here will empower you to reclaim your position of influence and boost your chances of raising your kids into happy, healthy, thriving adults.

You’ll walk away from this intensive evening:

  • Empowered with a powerful paradigm to help you as you make the critical decisions required to raise your kids to thrive
  • More conscious of the messages you are sending
  • More capable of sending the ones that will lead to the ends you want
  • A few “Ah-Hahs”
  • A few “Oh Cr@ps!”
  • Reassurance that you are right to be so concerned
  • Resources to take the learning much further

This is an educational program. It is NOT an evening to solve the problems your kids may be having, so while individual examples will be invited, they will only be used to reinforce the points being made. This far more comprehensive program is about creating a culture in your home where these problems are far less likely to come up… So come with an open mind and an excitement to educate and empower yourself to create a better, healthier more extraordinary future for you, your kids and your family!

Program Details:

Wednesday December 1st, Mill Valley

Fee: $67/Couple

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