The Art Of Intentional Awareness

Focusing Your Attention … Realizing Results And Satisfying Desires: A Unique Program for Adults

“We marvel at those among us who seem to possess the unique gift of navigating life and all its variety      with aplomb. These are the individuals who appear somehow able to reach out and perceive the patterns  swirling around us, and to respond elegantly. They create the experience they desire. It is this ability,  which hovers just at the fringe of our awareness, that may offer us, not answers, but rather alternative  ways of knowing about ourselves and about the universe we inhabit together. This way of knowing may  also offer us some of what we need and desire to create a world that we want to live in and one worth  leaving to our children.”

From the Introduction: “Towards A Theory Of Transpersonal Decision Making In Human Systems” – Joseph Riggio, Ph.D.

Dear Seeker of Personal Mastery:

Despite distractions, interruptions … even out and out chaos around you, maintaining your ability to focus your attention, stay, calm, clear and make high quality decisions makes all the difference in the world!

  • Relationships flourish
  • Careers evolve and expand
  • Fortunes are realized
  • Performance becomes exquisite
  • Creativity surges
  • Desires come to rest, fully satisfied

Very simply:  Either you are amongst the select few who can keep their attention focused on the right things in the right places to realize your deepest dreams, or you are not.

Most people are not – especially in this age of information overload, constant distraction and the glut of temptations for immediate gratification.

Here’s your opportunity to experience personal transformation, in a most fascinating and unexpected way – 40 Years Ago An Israeli Commando Made An Incredible Discovery … And It Goes Right To The Heart Of What It Is To Be Human

Imagine being a young, impressionable soldier in the heat of combat, and realizing some of those you serve with will make it back home … and others will not. Think about how important it would be for you to know how to make the choices that those who make it home time after time, mission aftermission, made for themselves.

One young Israeli Commando recognized that special something that those who made it back every time did that changed the odds in their favor, in the life and death game they were committed to surviving.

It was something so simple, so obvious that it would be easy to overlook as unimportant … and yet for those who failed to do this one thing he noticed their odds of survival plummeted.

This young soldier survived more than twenty-five years of front-line service in one of the most active armies in the world. He claimed that this one “secret of attention” was what made all the difference, for him and for others who got “IT.”

After leaving active military service he spent the rest of his life codifying “IT” and teaching “IT” to others.

Here’s the quick “down and dirty” of what it takes to get “IT” and live “IT” … you’ve got to become that person who can and does maintain your focus of attention when all others would fall to pieces.

Yet that’s easier said than done for most people … and that’s where the secret this young commando turned wise old master teacher figured out comesinto play.

Essentially what he found out was that you need to awaken your attention in a particular way, the way that a Zen master can and does, to be effective when it counts most. When you can focus, make decisions and take action like a Zen master, getting what you desire most in your life will have become effortless.

The good news is that anyone can learn how … it just takes someone who knows to show you the way…

Becoming The Guide

Let’s jump forward about twenty years …

In the late 1980s, another young man in his late twenties, Joseph Riggio, met the now older and wiser commando turned teacher. In his case, despite significant worldly success, Joseph was searching for something elusive to him … the secret to complete fulfillment and satisfaction.

Despite years of searching, this particular secret still eluded him.

When Joseph heard what this teacher had to offer … and more important, experienced it for himself … he knew he’d found what he’d been searching for, finally.

For the next seven years Joseph apprenticed with this teacher and then set off on his own teaching internationally the model he had learned, calling his particular approach the MythoSelf Process.

Teaching others the elusive “IT” he’d been searching for himself became the center of his life’s work.

For the last twenty years he’s been refining his model, training thousands of people around the globe, and he’s now distilled the essence of what he’s learned and developed about what makes a life totally work in this workshop.

100% Guaranteed Results.*

As simply put as possible, this essence is about learning another way of life that leads to another way of attending to what surrounds us in life, and then taking action to bring about what we most desire … for ourselves and with others

Experiencing The Power Of The Journey

In two and a half days with Dr. Joseph Riggio, the architect and developer and Jeffrey Leiken, M.A., Master Trainer, of the MythoSelf Process, you will be immersed in this technology of transformation and your life will change.

These are the kinds of things that people who experience the magic contained in the MythoSelf Process work express about themselves and their lives:

“Communication that may have been difficult in your relationships in the past will become smooth and elegant.”

“Challenges regarding deciding your life’s purpose and mission will dissipate and become replaced with a massive sense of positive directionality.”

“Financial burdens will seem less urgent and pressing, and new ways will open for you to realize you own fortune.”

“You’ll begin to access deep reserves of personal resources that will shift your performances to another level, making them far more exquisite.”

“In every situation and circumstance you find yourself you’ll begin approaching things differently than before and solutions will emerge in even the most troubled moments in surprising ways.”

“Instead of despairing about unfulfilled desires you will open to a new sense of satisfaction that had been elusive or had never before been present, but is now robust and full.”

This may seem remarkable to you now as you read this, and yet after attending this workshop will not only make sense to you … but will have become second nature and commonplace.

The agenda of the two and a half days is as simple as the intention of this workshop:


First Evening: Introduction to the MythoSelf Process model and the exploration and experience of replacing unfulfilled desire with complete satisfaction.

Morning Day One: The facilitation of the experience of the Ready State position where you are able to remain focused, calm and clear in relation to your desires, regardless of the circumstance or situation you find yourself facing.

Afternoon Day One: Amplification and intensification of the Ready State experience, so you can access this way of being and operating on demand, anytime and anywhere, with anyone.

Evening Day One: Connecting the Ready State experience to the desires and expectations you hold for yourself, and in relation to others – building the resiliency and resourcefulness to succeed.

Morning Day Two: Exploring and exposing the story of your life, the underlying mythology you live from that guides and informs your experiences, and then resetting your personal mythology to serve you and those you care about and love most.

Afternoon Day Two: Limiting the limitations that in the past have limited you … this culminating exercise will definitely put the things that have limited you in you past where they belong and free you to begin living the life you most desire and deserve.

After these two and a half days you will never experience your life in the same way you did before attending this program.

Problems, challenges and difficulties will just seem to drop away … and new found freedom will unfold before you. You will have the embodied experience of what it is to be free and powerful … as well as the specific tools you need to succeed.

Joseph and Jeffrey have collectively led thousands of participants through this experience, and will masterfully take charge and guide you through this journey of discovering yourself again, in a most delightful way. Rather than leaving this workshop simply feeling good, you’ll leave with a profound sense of purpose and a mastery of the means to achieve your results … on your own and with others.


If for any reason whatsoever … or no reason at all … you decide at any time before the morning of the second day that this program is not for you and you’d rather not attend and complete the second day, simply tell Joseph or Jeffrey and they will issue you a full 100% refund with no questions asked. Regardless of when you decide this you are welcome to remain our guest until the completion of the evening of day one, taking with you all the benefits you’re sure to experience.


Friday:7:30 PM – 9:30 PM, 10 June 2011

Saturday:9:30 AM – 9:30 PM, 11 June 2011

Sunday:9:30 AM – 4:30 PM, 12 June 2011

Overnight accommodations are not included and will need to be arranged directly with the venue if necessary and paid for by program participants individually.

Discounted Group Room rate $119/Night – Ask for “MythoSelf Group Rate”

All meals are the responsibility of each program participant individually.

Venue Info:

Novato Oaks Inn — 215 Alameda Del Prado, Novato, CA 94949

Local Phone: 415-883-4400

Novato Oaks Reviews


Regular Program Investment Amount: $797 USD

Early Registration Discount by May 21st $397

SAVE $400!


Here’s just a few Testimonials:

I’ve studied with most of the big names of the “self-help’ industry including Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Brendon Brouchard… None of those people offer anything remotely close to the real world, tangible, life changing, lasting value that is offered here.

Joseph Riggio and Jeffrey Leiken are teaching material that is in a league of it’s own… This is to mental acuity what being a Black Belt is to Martial Arts… Absolutely fascinating, totally practical and doable and lasting.

– Joshua Wayne, Washington DC,

In less than 2 weeks this has already paid for itself in real money. Dr Riggio has gone well beyond what others can only promise by delivering what I really wanted, what I really needed but never thought was effortlessly possible … this changes everything.

– Walt Niebauer, Philadelphia, PA

“The London workshop was for me about …”coming home” … fulfilling a profound yearning, a longing in the space within me … the core, the center, the source, from which all else manifests and flows … a place that had been familiar … a place I had tasted many times … and until now I hadn’t learnt to have access to it … to function and operate from there …”

Tara, London, UK

“As a performance coach I have been exposed to many techniques and training courses for improving performance and nothing to date has been as powerful as the Mythogenic Process. The weekend was a great experience that has given me a different way of operating in the world. I have seen an immediate benefit from this ongoing practical process … I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone.”

Simon Tinkler, Director and Executive Performance Coach, UK

“I was hesitant to go to the training because I found it hard to grasp what it was all about. I was told that it was in the experience that I would come to know what it was all about. Now that I have had the experience, this makes perfect sense!”

Georgios Diamantopoulos , Greece

” I’ve never felt so good, so instantaneously, and been able to maintain this feeling constantly.  I now know how to bring on this feeling which makes me confident and happy to face my future and tackle it full on.  I recommend this to anyone and everyone that wants to improve their life.”

Trevor Williams, UK

MythoSelf has changed my life in the sense of everything in my life remain the same with just my attitude towards it shifted. Now I can say out loud that “No matter what happens to me, as long as I am alive, I have the chance to make my life worth living – for myself, to those I love and even many more that I’ve not met or will never meet.” The shift that MythoSelf has given me is to have experienced how my life is like when I’ve it all already. Everything else is just bonus from life. Every other move I make everyday is an unfolding of who I want myself to be and thus act from the core of that person as I am becoming.

– Isabella Lo, Denmark

Jeff Leiken is the rare calibre of trainer who can take complex issues and present them in a way that not only makes sense, but can even make them seem small and easily managed… His perspective and insights always leave me feeling empowered and more capable of meeting life’s demands and consistently getting results.”

– Todd Kestin, Chicago,

“Joseph Riggio’s training helped me get over the hurdles that had kept me from making a huge leap in my business… Applying what he taught I went from ‘knowing what to do but being too tentative to actually do it’ to becoming a man who is doing what it takes to get results, no matter what the obstacles are… The MythoSelf Process has helped me grow my business in spite of the recession.”

– Mike Davis, North Carolina,

This program is, simply put, extraordinary. The Mythoself Experience is an easy, inexpensive way to get get access to the most cutting edge behavioral change technology available in the world today. Joseph and Jeffrey deliver great content which you can put into use today with great clarity in their own unique and inimitable style.

– Dennis Charles, Boston  www.


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