Adolescence Is Not A Disease!


“You don’t need to become an expert in parenting teens. Instead just become the expert in raising your own!”

Adolescence Is Not A Disease: Beyond Drinking, Drugs and Dangerous Friends – The Journey To Adulthood  (Advantage Media 2016), available Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

A thought-provoking, engaging expose on the impact of modern fear based parenting and schooling, contrasted with a refreshing approach that will inspire hope and restore power and sanity to parents and teens. Based on 50,000 hours of successful work helping teens grow into thriving adults.

This book will also give you a window into the inner world of how Jeff works with teens… from late night skype calls guiding them through a relationship conflict, to midday text exchanges helping them get refocused to excel on an exam, to a 90 second phone call with a college student where asking her one question probably saved her life…

Whether you have a teen who is struggling or you are being proactive, this book is a must read to equip parents to help their teen succeed in complex competitive scholastic and social environments.


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