The Third Voice

Whether we like it or not there are two voices that our kids will listen to as they make the decisions, form the beliefs and choose the values that will shape their lives.

#1: Yours as parents.

#2: The collective voice of society.

Unfortunately, by the time they are teens, Voice #2 has far more influence on most of them. . .

This Second collective voice is what they will spend the majority of their time listening to, from the day they first leave home and begin day care and/or school, or the first time you put them in front of a TV screen.  This is the voice of friends, teachers, celebrities, extended family, etc. It includes the opinions and lifestyle choices other parents offer and model for them, what popular media endorses and what popular peer culture encourages.

The messages you as parents send and the way of life, beliefs and values you model for your kids is entirely within your control.

The messages society sends them and the influences it has, are not.

And the collective voice of society is, by the time they are teens and young adults, typically a far greater source of influence on our kids than parents.

The societal voice is filled with mixed messages, dominated by short sighted immediate-gratification  and pervasive with temptations. Most teens get seduced by these at least for a period of time, and often the consequences matter and sometimes are dire.

Often the societal messages come from well-intended adults like teachers or coaches, who proffer advice and ideas that worked for them, yet that are  out of touch with the challenges today’s youth face in a technological, rapidly changing world.

There is an alternative to balance the often confusing Societal Voice:

Find a Third Voice that makes sense, brings clarity, fills in the gaps, shatters illusions and brings out the best in them.

This is what I have spent 25 years refining and doing, and is what I offer.

My gift has been to become a  Third Voice in the lives of today’s teens and young adults. This voice is one that balances heavily against the collective societal voice that is often so confusing, so inhibiting and so influential in the choices teens make. My work is particularly designed to meet the unique needs of those youth who are gifted and sensitive and soulful, who deep down are inclined to live an authentic life that remains in integrity with their higher order values.

This Third Voice offers them the kind and calibre of input, advice, guidance and training  that sets them on the pathway in life that leads to building a successful, fulfilling career, making a meaningful contribution to the world and finding real, true love – the kind that too few of today’s youth believe in anymore or are finding. It typically strongly reinforces the values that morally conscientious parents want their kids to embrace.

  • At an age when so many opinions are creating confusion, the ones they receive here bring about clarity.
  • At an age when so many voices – their peers especially – are encouraging them to drink, do drugs, hook-up and engage in frivolous, impersonal relationships, the one they hear from me empowers and inspires  them to make healthy, self-respecting, results producing choices aligned with their higher order values.
  • At an age when academic pressure and a test-crazed schooling system creates an almost constant sense of competition and stress, leading to what becomes for too many youth a cynicism towards learning and schooling, the Third Voice I offer inspires in them a desire to truly learn, to think critically and to engage in the critical decisions and conversations that are shaping our world.
  • In a time when job and career opportunities are scarce, the Third Voice I offer teaches them how to create opportunities where none exist and how to become someone a potential employer wouldn’t say “no” to…

In an culture whose collective moral compass no longer points towards the core values of the world’s religions – like taking responsibility for the well being of others and not just one’s self, the Third Voice they hear from me comes from a living model of someone who is actually crazy enough to still believe that honor and commitment and contribution matters, as does leaving the world a better place than it was when we came into it.

With the cumulative effect of the Third Voice I offer, youth evolve into adults who make excellent choices that lead to extraordinary lives. . . They find their own courage to truly  go on their own unique Hero’s Journey. . . They find people to share their lives with who are truly loyal to them. . .  They find Real Love and wind up in truly loving relationships. . .  They build successful careers in spite of the obstacles that hinder many others. . .  They grow into people who bring out the best in others and always leave the world they’ve been in, a little bit better place.

Contact me now to learn more about how you can bring this Third Voice into the life of your teen or young adult son or daughter now.

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