Four Types Of Teens Who Will Benefit Immediately

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• Teens who are struggling with the demands of teen life and it is effecting their overall well-being:

  • Stress
  • Motivation
  • Decision making
  • Academic pressure
  • Social issues (too much drama or not enough!)

Once they implement the things I can teach them, they will begin to find life getting easier and better. They’ll be more at-ease, more positive, lighter and more hopeful. They will be happier, more confident, more secure, more sure of themselves and better prepared for life’s inevitable challenges.

• Teens who are smart, sensitive and deeper thinking and struggling to be themselves in an otherwise shallow, short sighted world.

These kids often find it hard to find fulfillment in today’s shallow, hedonistic, instant-gratification teen world. Some get discouraged. Others just get angry with the stupidity and hypocrisy.

They do not need to be in any crisis to work with me. Many aren’t. Rather their parents recognize the profound value of offering a kid like theirs a resource like this that feeds their soul.

These kids need the kind of relationship, support, guidance and education they get here. I believe in the depths of my soul, if the world was filled with the quality and caliber of people these kids are trying to be, we wouldn’t have the problems our world now has. If we help kids like yours grow into the quality and caliber of people they can become, one day we won’t have the problems we now have.

College Students (and post-grads) who are lost, struggling and needing immediate help finding direction and getting their young adult life moving and happening now. This is the second fastest growing segment of my client-base. This is a whole different domain of mentoring, involving a re-education as well as a new education. Results will begin happening by the end of our first session.

• On occasion, I will work with a teen in crisis. If however they have serious substance abuse issues or severe family pathology, I will refer them to those who specialize in this. The intervention (NOT TREATMENT) I offer is intense, time demanding and requires a substantial investment. If you are the right kind of family for me to work with, you will also see very quick results – often within two months or less. Due to the demanding nature of this work, I only take two clients like this at a time.

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