Here are a few of the conference keynote and education sessions Jeffrey offered in the past few years:

Empowering 21st Century Youth To Thrive :  Inspiring The Uninspired –

From the dull and bored, to the indifferent and apathetic, the current lifestyle many children are raised with leads them to be living uninspired lives.  Rather than be excited, curious and adventurous as kids and adolescents should be, too many have lost the critical spark that is requisite for a thriving life. This profound and moving presentation, will address the deeper work that is possible to do with youth, work that though not always easy, is often the work that matters most.  Based on real life examples, many of them in summer camps, here you will explore the deeper issues confronting today’s youth, and how to be a force of transformation for kids who desperately need you.

Empowering 21st Century Youth To Thrive:  Connecting The Disconnected –

The average American youth spends 6 hours a day engaged with machines and 4 minutes a day of uninterrupted time with parents.  A culture of “hooking-up” has replaced that of deep bonding. Many think intense emotion is ALL CAPS in a text message. Critical human needs are not being met appropriately, leading to a surge in symptoms of deprivation. Often even the medication, diagnosis and treatment some are forced to receive are doing more damage than good. This provocative and at times disturbing session, will explore the darker side of what research reveals about modern culture, and will offer a complex and compelling case as to why we need to be doing far more than just giving kids – especially adolescents – an escape from the strains and distractions of home and school. Based on volumes of compelling success stories, expect an unexpectedly bold call to action. Lives depend on it.

Boyhood In Peril – The Battle To Raise Boys Into Men For The 21st Century

Raising boys to become mature men of strong moral character, with the drive and discipline to excel, and the heart and soul to become responsible leaders, positive contributors and loyal family men, has never been more challenging. The shocking statistics reveal three decades of declining performance and attendance in school, a 50% decrease in sperm count, delayed puberty, a massive surge in prescriptions for psychotropic meds and crippling addictions. A growing number of young men are emerging who are uninspired, hedonistic, desensitized, unbalanced and/or unmotivated.  Learn disturbing research on what is creating this phenomena, some of which even camps are contributing to. Expect to be equally as inspired by the possibilities this session will offer. The goal must not be to go backwards to a simpler way of life. It must be to evolve our idea of manhood into one that grows boys into the caliber and quality of sophisticated, uncompromising men our modern world now needs.

Real Mentoring – Beyond Counseling & Problem Solving

We live in a culture that bases almost all helping profession training on becoming effective “Problem Solvers”. This is in large part, the reason that we have so many problems.  Though the concept of Mentoring has become more popular in recent years, the practice of it has been watered down and is often, just another hybrid version of counseling or just being an older friend.  This session will explore Mentoring in its purest form. From the unique Intention held by the Mentor, to the repertoire of skills and methodologies historically implemented by Mentors, you’ll discover why it is that Mentors have played such a critical role in the success of so many people, and why it is that secretly,  most people wants to find one for themselves.  This session will explore how you can be a Mentor for your camp community, and how with your Mentoring, your staff may become Mentors for their campers.

Heightened Awareness Training:  The Challenges Modern Boys Need and Hunger For – Enhancing Your Camp’s Role In Maturing Boys Into Men

Effectively inspire and engage adolescent boys in ways they are critically deprived of in our society – and that they desperately need. Left to their own devices, boys tend to get stuck in an adolescent mindset that leads to senseless conflict, objectification of women, unnecessary risk taking, fixation on superficial things and overall underachievement. With the proper guidance, opportunity and experiences though, they thrive. This session offers camps potent ways to play this role in boys’ lives, filling a huge void in our society. This is not another “program-in-a-box”. This is an evolved, sophisticated approach that utilizes the uniqueness of camp, to offer boys the challenges, experiences, guidance & mentoring, that is critical to realizing their potential to mature into young men of principled character. This unconventional approach is already being utilized by progressive camps, adding invaluably to their programs, generating truly extraordinary results – and you can too!

Why Violence Intervention Programs Come Up Short & How You Can Get It Right

Conflict Resolution and Bully Prevention programs are the fastest growing trend in youth development. To the extent that they do influence behavior and provide early intervention, they typically fail to address the underlying issues that lead to this behavior in the first place. This session will explore in depth deeper and darker issues that result from raising youth in a society that adulterates children at far too young of an age, then restricts them from growing into adulthood for far too long. We will explore how institutions we rely on to guide us and help us raise our youth, are in fact contributing to these problems far more than they know. Lastly, we explore ways to ensure you are not contributing to the problem, and instead are in fact, providing the vital input that can resolve it. Fortunately, most of what leads to these behaviors in youth is not due to what has happened to them, but rather is a consequence of what hasn’t happened for them. That is where your opportunity resides.

The Psychology of “Hooking-Up” – How Sexual Behavior in 21st Century Youth Impacts Camp & What To Do About It

Camps cannot help but be impacted by the values and attitudes this generation has about sex and intimacy. This impacts the whole way youth consider life and their future, and is rapidly leading to significant dysfunction that goes far beyond just sex. While many factors contribute, one factor in particularly goes much deeper than many people realize. This session will explicate why youth have adopted these values, what factors are behind this, how camps are effected, and most importantly, what camps can do to help youth in this generation in ways they desperately need. This is NOT a session about how to talk about sex with kids. Rather it is a session that is a serious awakening to all who are trying to help raise this generation, and what it now takes to do so effectively.




Camp and The Hero’s Journey – Leading Your Staff & Campers Into The Extraordinary Way Life Should Be

Today’s conventional, ordinary world too easily infiltrates into camps. The tangible enemies infiltrators, like cell phones, are easier to assassinate than the intangible ones. The invisible enemies, like posturing for social status, lead youth to prioritize superficial things that create turbulence and discord in the community and cause people to be on-guard or distracted from what really matters. Even long time campers fall victim to that way of life and bring remnants of it into camp. Here is a provocative and potent way to inspire and lead your staff and campers to leave the ordinary, conventional society at the gate –  to instead fully and completely embrace the different way of life that makes your camp culture so special. Do this as a one time unusual, unorthodox orientation session and it is compelling. Make this a way of life though, and it is transformative. This session will discuss how to do both, and will create a compelling case and challenge, to do so.

Heightened Awareness Training – Slaying The Monster of Insecurity In Girls; Freeing Them To Thrive

No issue inhibits girls and makes them more socially vulnerable, than being insecure. The root of insecurity is being dependent upon the acceptance and approval of others to validate one’s self worth. While the problems that many girls have with this are well known and well discussed, until now  doing something substantial that directly helps them has proven much easier said than done. This session will expose the structure of what is going on in a very different way. Then it will introduce you to a sophisticated process that systematically reprograms the way they think about some of the core aspects of their lives, especially how they make decisions about what matters to them.  Most importantly, you can offer this to girls in your camp and help free them to become truly personally empowered.

Leadership Success Factors – New Research on Being a Successful Leader in the 21st Century

Beyond charisma and vision, learn what the latest cutting edge research tells us makes leaders over the top successful. You may be surprised. The skill set you’ll need to master is a challenge, but  well worth the effort in the end.

Leadership Success Factors –When Saying Thank You 100 times Isn’t Enough™ – We spend an inordinate amount of time trying to show staff they are appreciated yet inevitably some are never satisfied. Learn the truth about what is really behind feeling “unappreciated”, what it is people really need and what to do about it that actually works.

Leadership Success Factors – When Other People’s Stress Becomes Your Problem! –  Stop wasting your time trying to teach yourself or others how to “manage stress”. Research shows this is marginally effective at best. Learn instead to master the way you already do manage stress, and then add in the skill and flexibility to work with others who manage theirs differently.

Leadership Success Factors – Inside Secrets Of Bringing Out The Best In Others™ – Whether it is empowering counselors, inspiring campers or leading leaders, bringing out the best in others is often much easier said than done. Where classic counseling psychology leaves off is where the real powerful work we can do with others begins. This session will be provocative, experiential and will leave you with an amazing new approach that truly works.

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