What Is MythoSelf®?

You have moments in your life when you feel so sure of yourself, so comfortable in your own skin, so grounded, so clear, so focused, that you feel like you can do anything. The MythoSelf Process teaches you how you do this.

It is a training in the intricacies of state management – literally how what you do in your body (where you hold tension, how you position your posture, etc) impacts they way you think and the way you experience your life.

The MythoSelf® Process  empowers you to  perform at your best, generate substantial confidence and make excellent decisions, regardless of  what is going on around you.

Most people who learn this discipline (and it is really revealing to you your own unique, idiosyncratic way that you do this rather than teaching you some universal practice like yoga does), find they have an immediate and lasting elevation in confidence, composure, clarity and certainty of direction. They feel empowered to pursue what they really want in life, and have the resiliency, creativity and discipline to ensure that they do.

I use the MythoSelf® Process with my teen clients to train them to stand up and perform at their best in pressure situations like test taking, peer challenges and critical decision making. I use this to help them build confidence, develop clarity and focus, and to sort through complex situations with greater maturity and effectiveness.

I use the MythoSelf® Process with adults – particularly with parents – to help them do all these things, plus be able to easily maintain their calm and composure in tense situations where doing so is critical for them to be the parents they want to be.

I’ve spent 12 years studying this process with the architect and designer of it, Dr. Joseph Riggio, and am currently the only practicing Master Trainer of the MythoSelf® Process. I offer training and mentring for others who are looking to learn to use this process with others and to become facilitators themselves. Contact me to learn more.

The MythoSelf® Process at the core of the HeroPath For Teens™ weekend program for teens.

An interesting piece on applying this work to academics: SomaSemantics&Academics

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