What is HeroPath™?

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HeroPath™ is a series of programs that draws upon the unique methods of the MythoSelf® Process combined with elements of Jeffrey Leiken’s Evolution Mentoring®, to specifically help teens and young adults to find their Life Direction.

HeroPath™ empowers teens and young adults to make excellent decisions in regards to career direction and personal relationships.

HeroPath™ teaches teens and young adults how to find and follow a life path that builds on their unique combination of strengths, talents and interests.  The value is delivered through both weekend programs or  weekend programs + a year of HeroPath™ Coaching with a highly trained and certified HeroPath™ Coach.

Currently I offer two HeroPath™ Programs: HeroPath™ For Teens and HeroPath™ For Young Adults

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HeroPath™ For Teens is for teens 15 1/2 to 19* years old.

While all HeroPath™ programs focus on Life Direction, the program for teens in this age range focuses more on making decisions about if/when/where/why to to go to college, what to study there, making decisions about boundaries in relationships, developing confidence and skills to grow cultivate mature relationships, eliminating excuses, standing out from the crowd, developing habits of discipline and adopting a positive bias orientation to always sort for possibilities.


HeroPath Young

HeroPath For Young Adults is for young adults 20* to 25

HeroPath™ For Young Adults focuses on the stage of life that is the transition into independent, autonomous adult life. The focus is on post college plans, including career choice and the path to career success, leaving behind adolescent relationships to instead step into more mature adult relationships and developing more sophisticated acuity to notice and attend to the “signals in the system™” so they can be more proactive in making smarter, healthier choices for themselves.

  • The age for determining which program is appropriate for an 18 or 19 year old teen is flexible: the criteria that matters is what stage of development they are in by age 18 or 19. If you are unsure, contact us and we can decide together.


Attend a HeroPath™ Weekend Program in the US or UK:

Programs run Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. They are taught through a combination of compelling large group sessions, followed by small group break-out sessions. Participants will find the material presented to them to be a great combination of relevant and practical, with thought provoking and compelling. They will laugh (often a lot), have substantial break through realizations and leave the weekend ready to take actions that matter. 

Investment: $750 (early enrollment discounts are offered)


HeroPath Coaching

HeroPath™ Weekend Program PLUS HeroPath™ Coaching

For those who want a more in depth, customized and personalized opportunity to learn and integrate the HeroPath™ material, we offer a combined program that includes monthly coaching from a highly trained, Certified HeroPath™ Coach.  The program includes a one hour once per month 1:1 coaching session for 12 months. 

Investment: $2975 

Contact Jeffrey to learn more about these and other HeroPath Programs, including how to bring one of these programs to your location.

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