Unconventional Youth: You may be raising one

They are smart and sensitive. They are  thoughtful and perceptive. They have a sense of life’s possibilities – both for themselves and for others. They are driven to be more than just typical teens.

They can be creative or intellectual or fiercely athletic… They can be connectors: the kind who bring people together, who seek to build deep bonds with others… They can be charismatic leaders or quiet, contemplative contributors.

They make the best friends, the best partners, the best parents… They make the world a better place just by being who they are and offering what they do.

But there is a down side to being one of them:

They can get easily bored, especially by conventional schooling and conventional advice.

Things that most of their peers just shrug off, can weigh heavily on them.

They are bothered by injustices, done to them or done to others

It is harder for them to find friendships and relationships that satisfy them (but when they do they tend to last a lifetime)

Without proper input, guidance and training:

They tend to over-think things

They tend to become worriers

They tend to be self-critical

 With the proper training, guidance and experiences, they quickly grow into:

Confident, secure, self-directed young adults who build deep satisfying relationships, cultivate satisfying careers and live meaninful lives.

They get that calibre of training, guidance and experience here.

In fact, I specialize in working with youth with these character traits.

They are Unconventional Youth: And you may be raising one.

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