Young Adults 20s-30s

More than half of my clients are in your age bracket. The work we do is designed to move you forward, rapidly. It is designed to help you be grown-up, get serious responses and results, build substantial relationships and evolve into the kind of adult our world desparately needs.

If you too often (and once can be too often) find yourself:

a) Feeling like an adolescent in contexts where you want to feel like an adult

b) Struggling to find real intimacy and commitment in a culture of hedonistic, superficial ‘hooking-up’ (In other words, you are ready to move “Beyond The Game”)

c) Find yourself feeling stuck in a job, place or lifestyle that you want to move beyond

d) Needing to develop far more sophisticated communication skills to improve your performance at work (and appeal to potential employers)

e) Needing to develop far more sophisticated commuinication skills to improve your personal relationships

Then this is the Mentoring for you!

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