College Students

There are two distinct stages to the college years for most young adults. Both present serious challenges, with steep learning curves and many ventures into the unknown. They are loaded with decisions that have significant, lifelong implications.

The first stage of college life, is primarily social and personal adjustment to being away from home and in a new environment with new people. Living with roommates, pledging a Fraternity or  Sorority, attending parties, etc creates many challenges that can quickly unravel into something unintended.  Many relationships that begin with “hooking-up”, lead to people being hurt. Many friendships that start innocent, lead to watching these friends quickly unravel into the dark world of heavy drugs that is rampant on college campuses. Every college student I work with regularly deals with the presence of cocaine, ecstasy, acid, etc. They watch friends whoring themselves, building horrible reputations, desperately trying to gain acceptance and popularity. They deal with classmates who are struggling with being away from home, who have very limited coping skills, who are overwhelmed by the volume of decisions that must be made.

Many of them struggle with this themselves. That is why having the relationship with me in addition to the support of their family,  can prove to be so valuable. Not only can they talk about the details of things that they might not be comfortable sharing with their parents, they get the benefit of having a relationship with an adult who has tons of experience in helping people their age navigate these issues and challenges, and emerge as solid, grounded, stable young adults.

The second stage – which typically begins towards the latter part of Junior year – is the awakening to the reality that they areleaving childhood, financial dependency, and institutionally structured life behind. This is an enormous transition, one that for many young adults is emotionally charged, stressful and even traumatic. Used to having others help them, coddle them and structure life for them, they now must stand on their own, ready or not – and many are not. In fact, last year, more than 50% of college graduates moved back in with their parents. This wasn’t just because of a lousy job market. It was also refelctive of them having a lack of real world skills to make themselves stand out from the crowd and get access to the opportunities that those who have these skills are regularly getting.

I have extensive experience and success with helping young adults in this stage of life to develop the attitude, skills and approach to professional life that empowers them to be successful, even when many of their peers with equal credentials, are not. I teach them things like how to stand out from the crowd, how to build alliances with the right people especially adults), how to stay positive and oriented towards possibilities even amidst set-backs, etc. Most importantly, they learn how to become self-educated, opportunity-seekers and opportunity-creators.

The world is filled with people who watch things happen, wait for things to happen  and wonder what happened. My clients become the rare ones who consistently MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

To learn more about my work with college students and how you can connect me with yours, contact me and we will have up to a 30 minute FREE consultation to discuss how this works. Location is not an issue, though the initial meeting tends to happen in person. After that, we stay connected the way people their age do – talking as often as necessary to help them get the results they want.

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