The Challenging Journey Of The Smart, Sensitive, Perceptive Teen

They are a growing number of youth who possess an inclination towards wanting more than standard success, facebook friends and a resume for college that while loaded with credentials, lacks authenticity:  “I don’t want to just be one of 1200 kids at great school. I want to actually do something great!”  Mathew, 15     “So many of my teammates are okay with coming in second or third. To me there is no ‘good enough’ “ Austin, 17  

 Is your son or daughter on a different path?

In every generation there are those whose journey through life will have unique challenges, ones not easy to navigate. If your son or daughter are one of them, this program is for them. Some are on a different path  because life circumstances has forced them to overcome challenges they cannot avoid.

For others, it is because they’ve realized something about their values, their character or their ambitions and desires, that makes them the kind of person for whom conventional accomplishments and experiences alone will never be fully satisfying.

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