Why The Mainstream Discussion on (& Treatments of) Teens’ Stress & Anxiety Is Ignoring The Cause

There is a MULTI- Billion Dollar market in the United States  based on stress in youth. A lot of money exchanging hands between a lot of people and a lot of businesses.

From the 20% of Millennial youth who say they have been told by professionals that they suffer from either Anxiety or Depression, to the medication prescriptions drugs like Xanax, Zoloft & Prozac, to the psychiatrists who prescribe them, the psychotherapists who “treat” them, the educational consultants, tutors and test prep industry, the sleep disorder clinics, the Organization and Time Management Coaches, the Educational Therapists (one of the newer trends), Mindfullness classes, stress-management classes, etcetera, this is a very big “problem” and there is a lot of money in play to address it.

Most major publications have featured cover stories in recent years


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