80 Percent Of Teens Cheat. Here’s why

This is a newsletter I sent out a year ago. The issue is even more prevalent now, and it will only continue to grow.  You can download it on the next screen.                                                                                             Download here:    Lying-and-cheating

One Response to "80 Percent Of Teens Cheat. Here’s why"

  1. I appreciated reading your article on cheating.I will be attending the seminar at the JCC on 11/15/10.

    I wanted to say I agree with you and as the parent of 2 teenage girls the most difficult influence to resist is that of peers and adults at school.There are many forms of cheating and one has to do with the amount of tutoring going on to help kids deal with unreasonable academic expectations.Mine attended SF University High School (I finally convinced them to transfer out to attend a school that had real (as opposed to in name only)clubs they could participate in, and a more balanced curriculum so that they could have a more balanced life)and I was appalled at the amount of academic tutoring going on. The staff even suggested it to get grades from above a C.We are not talking about failing students, just students trying to up their grades.They had more homework than I had during my college engineering studies.And all of my daughter’s friends had them, in almost every subject! And all to enter the Ivies. And the test prep tutors for the SAT, that was unreal.
    I also felt the main problem had to do with staff who pushed this one type of curriculum, everyone would take physics whether or not they would be studying the ‘hard’ sciences like engineering,etc.Students were allowed to have clubs that never met just so they could say they were in a club. The advisor for those clubs never questioned why they never met. I guess they had to much to do teaching?
    I seemed like the odd ball when I would ask why the Ivies were so important or whether these students were planning on studying engineering after doing so well in math or physics.It seemed as though everything was aimed at the Ivies, working on wall street and making a lot of money.
    What bothers me the most is the academics and specialists (testing specialist to be diagnosed with ‘learning’ disabilities) that encourage the pressure these teens feel. It is very difficult to be the lone parent saying no to tutoring, no to even pursuing the ivies, etc. If you have driven, smart children you seem like a slacker or just weird.

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