One Thing You Say Or Do Can Change A Child’s Life – Keynote Address

June 2009 – Los Angeles  – Audio Recording

This is a recording I of a keynote address I gave to 700 Summer Camp Staff members in Los Angeles in the summer of 2009.

While you cannot see the pictures I showed in the background, the stories alone should be descriptive enough.

I believe the most critical message we need to instill in summer camp staff is to understand and embrace fully how critical their role can be in the lives of youth – and how today’s youth need them now more than ever.

I’ve shared some of these stories with over 15,000 people at this point. They are timeless, true, and as important now as they were when they happened.

Click here to listen to the recording.

2 Responses to "One Thing You Say Or Do Can Change A Child’s Life – Keynote Address"

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the useful assessment of the challenges that kids are growing up in and the context that they are challenged with.

    It is truly one thing that may change the whole thing for kids and better yet having them have a story that supports who they are becoming. Teaching kids to be in summer camp and to enjoy communicating, connecting and being together is a wonderful vision.

    I appreciate the impact and inspiration of this story.



  2. Thanks Tivo…. FYI June 10-12 Joe Riggio and I are offering a MythoSelf Training in Novato. tay tuned for more details!


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