“I met Jeff when I was 15, struggling in school, was socially shy and so unsure of myself… He quickly led me from being an insecure, directionless teen, to becoming a secure, confident young adult. I’ve put myself through college, traveled the world, am professionally successful, living in New York City, have amazing relationships.. and I owe so much of it to what Jeff taught me about how to live life to make it be this way. There are so many things I know that my peers don’t, and situations I can easily handle that stress others out. I recommend him to anyone who knows there must be more and refuses to live a life without it.”

Mark, 26, New York, SUNY Buffalo Student

“Jeff gave a talk at my camp when I was 16 and I immediately knew that he understood the things that mattered to me better than any other adult I’d met. When I approached him after that talk, he listened intently and gave me a number of new ways in which to handle what I had thought was an impossible friend situation. I knew Jeff was a person who understood me, though we had just met. When I told my mother about Jeff, and his perspective, she was intrigued as well.

I’ve never been a ‘troubled’ child, but when my parents divorced, my mother had put me into traditional therapy. At 15 then, I couldn’t stand therapists, and like me, my mom was looking for something different. After some serious discussion, we decided to hire Jeff, though we lived in Florida, and he was in California.

Six years later, I cannot put a price on Jeff’s influence on my life. I struggled with the issues that every girl faces as she grows from a teenager into a woman: body image, building relationships, and figuring out what I want from life. Jeff has taught me the steps to being the person I want to be, especially how to think differently and approach life with a very empowered attitude. He’s helped me set and achieve goals that have strengthened my character, my confidence, and my relationships.


With Jeff’s guidance, I was able to find the right college to attend and have the courage to go there when most adults in my life felt that it was the wrong choice. Jeff’s advice often goes against the advice I get from others, and but it has always lead me to a place where I can be at my best. At 22, I can say that I am proud of who I am. I’ve accomplished so much: being a positive role model to young girls as a summer camp counselor, getting the impossible paid fashion design internship in NYC, and now as a college graduate working full time in fashion, living in Boston and in a loving, stable relationship.


It’s never been easy, but Jeff has helped me overcome many of the obstacles. He pushes me to be true to myself and my values, even if it is not the popular or easiest choice to make. In the end, it has always been worth it. I would recommend Jeff to anyone, at any age, any gender. With Jeff, it’s always about moving forward, and getting the most out of life, and who doesn’t want that?”

Alex, 22, Boston;  Carnegie Mellon Student

Jeff does not have a problem with being upfront and honest. Many times friends will sugar coat what they say to not hurt your feelings. This is not helpful because then we live in a false reality. No matter how difficult it may be to hear, and how uncomfortable some of the resulting situations may be, his honest and direct words are much more helpful than flowery words.

Sometimes following his advice means needing to have some really uncomfortable conversations and make some tough choices. I consistently found that doing so led though me to be in a better, more confident place in my life.

Using what he’s taught me has improved the quality of friendships in my life immeasurably.  It has helped me connect with some truly amazing people – many who will be friends for life. It has given me the confidence I never had before I met him. I can’t count how many times I called him at odd hours or in  the midst of something and he was always there, always making time. He has a ton to offer about the things that matter in life… I know he’ll be in my life in some way, forever. ”

Morgan, 23, Santa Rosa, CA;  Macalester College Student, Currently in Grad School at Tel Aviv University

Before I met Jeff, I felt as if several parts of my life (confidence, work ethic, relationships) were missing something.  I could talk to a girl, but I couldn’t tell her I liked her.  I could get started on work, but often I would stop at boredom’s arrival.  I could make friends, but they never really seemed to be people I truly wanted to call my friends.

I met Jeff when I was 14; my school hired Jeff once a week to work with a group of students.  Fortunately, I was picked for his program.  I missed the first two weeks of his program, but had no problem understanding what his message was after 30 minutes during my first (his third) group meeting.  After the year ended, my parents agreed to hire Jeff to help me achieve my goals as a teenager.

My relationship in high school with Jeff was very important to me.  When things weren’t going well (with friends, school, sports, etc), Jeff was someone I could always talk to.  Most importantly, there was never an uncomfortable amount of pressure to speak with Jeff.  Over time, I gradually began to speak his “language”, which develops around the importance of unique, authentic relationships and always maintaining a positive “possibilities” oriented mindset, regardless of how stressful things may get.

Now, as a sophomore playing the sport I love at the college of my dreams , I consistently apply advice from Jeff when dealing with my teachers, peers, friends, and more.  I am forever grateful for the tools and mindset he has helped me acquire over the years, and he will always be a person of importance in my life.

Alex, 20, Mill Valley, CA; Princeton Student

I met Jeff when he was brought in as a mentor at my summer camp, and have had the great fortune of being able to stay in touch with him for the last eight years. Each interaction leaves me feeling more alive…Jeff is one of the few sources of this most valuable kind of influence that I get.

Jeff is one of those people who has the keys to unlock all of the power and potential buried so deep in others that we didn’t even know they were there. He has the unique ability to articulate complex issues in a way that makes a client feel that he or she is figuring out the answers for himself or herself.

Erec, 22, Austin, TX;  UC Berkeley Student

Attended HeroPath For Teens courses in London two years running:

Yesterday I found myself in a situation that made me realise just how much I have got from these courses.
Two years ago my group of girlfriends suddenly started not talking to me, backstabbing me and trying to make my life impossible.
After a month of taking this, I decided I didn’t want them in my life.
For a year they still texted me, shouted at me whenever they saw me and made it perfectly clear that they really hated me. I was really lucky and got closer to other friends I’ve had all my life and are really true to me, but I hadn’t spent so much time with them (I spent all my time with the other girlfriends!).
Well, yesterday, two years after not talking to those girls, I received a Facebook inbox message from one of these girlfriends asking me how I am, and telling me that she would like to be my friend on Facebook again because after all we were once very close and she wants that back. I used to be a drama queen and try to make a drama out of everything; Iwould ask people for their advice and what they would do to know how I should act. I would worry and worry about not taking the right decision, about what others would think about the way I acted and being very insecure about what I had to do.
Jeff taught me that there isn’t a right decision, but there is my decision that has to be right for me and will be right as long as it is for me. After reading this girlfriend’s email I realised that unconsciously I was asking myself, how do you feel about this? Is it a definite yes (do you want to be friends with her on Facebook?)? A definite no? Or do you need more information?
Regardless of what my decision is, it has been so life-changing for me to understand that it’s me and only me who can decide for me and that to stay true to who I am I have to do that: stay true to who I am, which implies acting in the way I want to act. Knowing that for many decisions there is no right or wrong, and that I have to decide for myself.  And this is only one of the many many things I took from those courses.
– Alys, 20, Barcelona, Spain; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

“Our daughter has been transformed from a teenager who was struggling to barely get by, to a thriving and balanced young adult with ambitious goals and the discipline to achieve them. Jeff was able to offer her what no therapist or traditional specialist was able to do for her at a time when we all were desperate. We can’t recommend his services highly enough!”

Lee Ann, Parent, Mill Valley, CA

“Thank you for saving our son’s life.  The young man he is now on track to becoming is beyond anything we’d thought possible when we hired you after everything else had failed… The work you did with him in just a few months was nothing short of miraculous.”

Carole and Stefano, Parents, San Francisco

“Words cannot describe what happened to me after the one conversation you had with me Jeff. I truly feel as though I have experienced something totally beyond words. The work you did with me is something I will one day tell my grandchildren about. I feel as though what I felt was a crossroad in my life, now I have made the choice to move in a  direction. Where I go from here is not something I question, I truly believe that everything is right again.
Jeff you listened to me and made me feel good about life again. I am forever in your debt. Your work is incredibly important and I will never forget you. If you ever feel a need to tell our story, please do. If anyone can take something from my experience, it would be my privilege. Last night I posed a question: If you can do what you did with me in just one conversation, then what could you do if so many more people had the chance to experience your work?” Just thinking about it inspires me.”
Zack O, 17, Chicago, IL (Zack was a classic case of “Can I talk to you for a minute?” after a training I ran at his summer camp. His letter has hung above my desk for years.
“You make me feel good about myself.”
Anonymous 13 year old boy at Camp Starlight in Pennsylvania. This was all he could say after experiencing the Boys To Mensch program that Camp Starlight has offered since 2008.
“If there were more adults working with teens this way, there’d be a whole lot more happy people out there.”
Manny, 17, San Francisco
“Why don’t they teach this stuff in school???”
David, 16, Los Angeles
“This is Legit S#!T!”
Jonah, 14, Mill Valley, CA

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