Evolution Mentoring gives teens a serious advantage in life

What they learn here generates legitimate results. It grows teens into far more secure, mature, thriving young adults who are ready not just to face life’s challenges, but to do so boldly and successfully. All learning and maturing must happen at the right time and pace,  which is why Evolution Mentoring is about evolution – not about problem solving. Some people evolve more quickly than others, yet consistently the evidence is that this approach truly works.

Applying what I teach teens:

They make more mature decisions

They stay composed under pressure

They manage stress without needing drugs

They function far more autonomously

They stay positively oriented even when surrounded by negativity

They truly learn and integrate the lessons contained in their mistakes

They drink and smoke less, and exercise more

They really connect, not just “hook-up”

They are more reliable

They build Real Friendships (few kids do now)

They are more creative

They get opportunities that are often denied to others

They succeed in competitive careers

They stand out from the crowd for positive reasons

They are more comfortable in their own skin, and know who they are

They live a life that balances practicality and idealism

They don’t succumb to the untrustworthy ones who try and manipulate them

They take value from criticism without taking it personally

They learn to think far more critically  and intelligently

They truly learn and integrate the lessons contained in their mistakes

“Jeff is the only adult I’ve met in my life who knows how to talk about complex real life ideas and issues with people my age, and make it make sense in a way that we can go out and do it ourselves.”

Erec, 21, UC Berkeley,  Class of 2010

“So many teen-girl insecurities that I had before I met Jeff,  no longer bother me. They still bother most of my peers though just the same now as they did when we were in Middle School.  Having him to turn to through these years has made an enormous difference in my life.”

Alexandra, 22, Carnegie-Mellon, Class of 2010

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