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Five Options To Work With Jeff:  Private 1:1 or  Group

[Note: A thorough introductory process precedes any agreement to enter into any 1:1 private mentoring – and there is no charge for this. This includes meeting in person (or remotely if circumstances warrant for an introductory session). I will ONLY work 1:1 with a client if two conditions are met: #1: I feel confident that I can be effective with him or her and #2: It is set up in a way that enables me to be able to be effective given the way I work. ]


Option #1:  1:1 Monthly Comprehensive   


This is my all-inclusive, totally customized mentoring service and Signature Program. It is designed to provide extraordinary life changing value for thoughtful, seeking, sensitive, more intense “old Soul” teens and young adults, and their parents. 

Monthly Comprehensive Includes:

A guaranteed availability forminimum of three personal appointments per month (in person or via skype or phone), and will also do sessions every week so long as schedule permits and that volume of input is needed. 

Plus: UNLIMITED text, email, IM and phone support as things come up and input is needed. Yes, Monthly Comprehensive clients can text or call whenever they want 24/7, 365…  and they will typically get a reply within a few hours if not a few seconds (yes even in the middle of the night!).

Plus:  Consultation and Support for parents, as well as family meetings when this is necessary.

Plus: It includes visits to schools as an advocate, or even going to just be a spectator at a show or game to be a supporter.

Plus:  I will also take the initiative to lead the relationship and the work we are doing. This is an enormous benefit. Once I am clear about what my client wants, I begin leading the journey to getting there.  Because I am so invested in ensuring your success, you can be certain that I will be a step ahead of you every step of the way. 

Plus: When the occasional situation arises that needs extra time and support, extra time and support will be made available. This can mean impromptu meetings with parents or the teens, and sometimes together.

Plus: Monthly Comprehensive clients can meet me for lunch, go for walks, etc., on the occasion that they just don’t want to meet in a formal setting.

Plus: They receive unsolicited emails and texts from me that reinforce the work we are doing… These messages offer encouragement and support and  help my clients not just stay on course, but to propel into a thriving future. Many of my Monthly Comprehensive clients will speak about how these timely benefits of availability or thought provoking messages or well timed texts have made an big difference for them. 

Monthly Investment:  $1800/month    $1500/month for one year commitment. 

Most of my clients have never had a relationship quite like this one. It is positive, lively, real,  at times very challenging, and ultimately something that adds immense substance and value into their lives.



Option #2: 1:1 Monthly Mentoring Limited – 


Includes: One 75 to 90 minute private mentoring session per month PLUS limited text and phone follow up.

This is the mentoring program for teens and young adults who have a very clear focus on what they want, and what role they want me to play. They can get tremendous value from one extended, focused meeting per month. These clients typically come in with questions they want answered, topics they want discussed and things they want input on. Because there is only one private meeting per month, it is essential that they are at a place in their lives where they  know how to best utilize what I offer.

Many of my college aged clients are on this plan. Due to their busy lives and limited time to speak, we will set up a monthly skype or phone call, and stay focused on helping to address whatever has built up over the past month, or is timely in that moment. We might also use this time to continue to reinforce a longer term goal of the work we began at an earlier time.

I am available to these clients on limited basis if things come up in the weeks in between. Limited means issues that can be discussed and addressed in 10 to 15 minutes on the phone, periodically. While I do not define limit of how many times this can happen, occasionally a client on this plan will move up to the Comprehensive Plan for a period of time (a month or two) because they really need that volume of input and guidance.

Monthly Investment: $750/month   $550 for single session only. 




Option #3: Proactive Mentoring for Adolescent Boys  –  Long Term Mentoring

  • You have a son who is inclined to “go with the Flow” and you are concerned about where the flow is taking him.
  • You deeply believe in and prioritize the essential value of the Real Life Education that even the best academic schools do not teach
  • You want him to have a substantial relationship with a skilled outside expert voice of positive influence as he goes through adolescence.
  • You want him engaged in thoughtful dialogue about important issues, ranging from personal choice temptations like drug use to larger cultural issues to navigating relationships to making major life decisions
  • He is not someone who is necessarily inclined to be seeking dialogue, but proves to be responsive to it when it is brought to him (in other words, you need someone skilled who can lead the conversation and ensure it leads to him becoming more thoughtful and mature than he would likely become on his own without it)
  • You want to be able to contact me as well to discuss things that come up
  • Because adolescent challenges come in waves, you want me to be available in the event that things come up that are timely and he needs someone to talk to right away

The distinction with this arrangement are that:

a) Your son may not *yet* be inclined to actively seek help, but you want him to have the input anyway  and, after meeting me, he is amenable to it

b) You need me to use my skills to engage him in dialogue, build a relationship and influence him to be more mature and thoughtful in his decision making and actions

c) You are ready to commit to this as a long term relationship. This is because you recognize that some of the more mature decisions you want to see him making simply cannot happen until he is developmentally ready, and yet you don’t wait until then to begin planting the seeds of influence. 

How it works:

Program Investment:

Initial Intake, Connecting and Assessment:  $4500/ first 3 months inclusive.

After that: $1000/month for 1 year commitment   $900/month for 2 year commitment  * Summer months where one or both of us are away are exempt from this commitment. 

What’s Included: 2 Private Mentoring sessions per month in person or via skype/phone if remote +  Availability to parents by phone for help with urgent matters •  Availability to teen by phone for 15 minute calls offering help with urgent matters (limited) + Up to 4 Extra in person meetings per year to address urgent issues

NOTE: Unlike  my Comprehensive Package, this is for teens who are not likely to be reaching out to me on their own (yet) and who are also unlikely to be seeking or openly questioning/contemplating these issues on their own. Meeting twice per month is enough to sustain the relationship in a meaningful way, and realize real value over the long term. Parents who opt for this, are making an investment in the future, recognizing that some of the biggest benefits and results of this work will be evident several years down the road. They want me and the work I do, in their son’s life and want me to become  a meaningful member of their extended tribe helping them to raise their son. We  agree mutually that our values are aligned, what to expect and you are ready to commit to this for a longer term.

May 2018: I currently have several boys under this type of arrangement who are now 
Seniors in High School, most of whom I have worked with since 8th or 9th grade.  They (and their 
parents) attest to the long term value this has added for them, and how even meeting twice per 
month has proven immensely effective and valuable. It is also predictable that as things go, there 
will be times when they reach out more often. That is why this works. 

I will NOT offer this to just anyone to just "sign up" for... We must mutually agree that 
we are a match, and I must be confident that I can be effective in this format. There are 
many teens who need a lot more time.   

Let's talk and decide if it is worth pursuing with your son.

“A great Teacher can teach you more in one hour, then you would learn in 50 on your own”


Option #4: Attend a HeroPath™ Workshop

heroPath For Teens LogoHeroPath For Teens™ in a revolutionary program that helps teens to find their Life Direction, and to develop an attitude and approach to life that will inspire them to commit fully to going on the real adventure of their lives. Participants can select to come to the weekend intensive program only OR can select to also receive a full year of coaching from Jeff and/or one of his highly trained and exclusively selected Heropath Coaches. Weekend workshop is $775. Workshop = Full Year of Coaching is $3100. [Note: HeroPath Coaching is not the same as Mentoring]

Learn more about HeroPath and HeroPath Coaching by visiting:  

In Europe:  www.HeroPath.co.uk

 USA & Around The Globe:  www.HeroPathForTeens.com

 Contact me to learn how you can bring this amazing program to your community, anywhere in the world. So far we have done programs in the US, UK, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand and have preliminary plans to work with teens in Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Israel, Russia, Spain, Denmark and Taiwan.




Option #5: Intensive Intervention Restricted. Must meet qualifications. Strictly limited. No more than one family in this category  per month. 

This service is restricted to families with teens in crisis, where my methodology and approach can make the difference. Often this demands my being available multiple times in a week, in your home and often on the phone daily, if not multiple times a day. I will only offer this to families who I believe I can help, if parents are willing to be part of the process and if the turn around from crisis can happen in two months. Often these clients wind up later becoming Monthly Comprehensive clients. 

Monthly Investment: $3500


Payments and Insurance Reimbursement: As this is an educational coaching and mentoring service, and I am not a medical professional nor do I offer psychological treatment, most insurance will likely not reimburse you for my services. I do not take any insurance nor do I bill insurance. I will provide an invoice to you delineating Mentoring services. Payments are handled through monthly billing through my bookkeeper. On occasion credit cards or payment plans can be arranged, however most people pay by check.


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