Getting Started – No Risk. . .

Getting Started:

Evolution Mentoring is not for every one. Typically, Jeffrey can only know whether or not working with you (or your son or daughter) is a match, after he has had a chance to meet and spend some time together in person. Likewise, often you, or your son or daughter, won’t know whether or not it is a match until you have had a chance to spend time together as well.

The initial session  is designed to offer this opportunity, at no financial risk.

If after the initial session, the decision is made on either side that working together is not a match, then there is no charge for the session.

If after the initial session, the decision is made to work together, then we will officially begin our work together and billing will begin with the next session.  A signed consent form is required at that point for work to progress.

Parents are typically asked to come to the first meeting, and to at least be present for the first part of the meeting. Typically, they are then asked to be excused, to allow Jeffrey and client to meet privately. Initial session is typically 90 minutes.

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