The Dangerous Price Of College Admissions KGO Radio Interview

Are we guilty of putting too much pressure on our kids with getting them into the “right” college? There are enough competing demands on them as it is, with them trying to fit into different social groups, their existing grades and hobbies, relationship conflicts outside and within the home and finding time for all of it.

Is the college choice more about defining us as parents rather than them as seniors making the decision for themselves? Only four years of our life is in college, and you need to bear in mind the impact this pressure cooker for achievement has on our young adults esteem, if they are pushed towards the wrong environment based on certain values that they may not hold personally.

If you would like to speak with me regarding work with your senior who is making up a short list of next steps, or if you already have a child in college who is struggling, then feel free to reach out to me via the contact page and I would be glad to help.

Here’s the interview from July 2nd 2016 I did with Michael Finney for KGO Radio – a San Francisco Bay Area station, where I discuss my perspective on some of this.

[Interview begins at 21:12]

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