No Ordinary Mentoring!

Periodically but not infrequently, I get emails from other practitioners who find my site and want to collaborate or train with me. They read what I write  on my website and find a parallel between what I am offering and what they either feel they are doing or what they want to be doing.

Mentoring is a loosely defined term that, like ‘coaching’ is thrown around a lot in public discourse.

Mostly it is a term used as a relationship a more experienced person has with someone less experienced, the primary goal being to transfer knowledge and skills.

I would generally agree with that definition.

In fact, most of what I find others are doing is creating a therapeutic relationship and doing “therapy-lite”, meaning they are not just doing a lot of therapeutic processing, they are also offering direct advice (which goes against traditional therapeutic training and wouldn’t pass for their licensing exams).

In contrast to that, what I am offering is exceptionally unique – unique to the tune of about a half dozen people I know in the world who are trained in the methodology I am trained in and who are singularly focused on using it as the primary means through which they work with clients.

At the heart of the work I do, is something called “The MythoSelf Process”.

This is a process that evolved from a discovery that an elite Israeli Commando made over 40 years ago – something that emerged from an epiphany he had about why some soldiers always come home from the mission and others do not.

Applied in life off the battle field, his epiphany translates to why some people consistently get the results they want and others do not.

In short, he realized that knowing what to do, possessing skills and even having tons of high level knowledge was not enough to transform a person into someone who will get results.

Just think of how many self-help, get-rich, be-happy, become-successful books have been purchased and courses attended over the years, and how few people have actually been able to replicate the results the author wrote about.

They tell you what to do, but they don’t lead you to become a person who will actually do it.

My own journey to one day find this Israeli’s Commando’s work, began abruptly in 1994 when I read James Hillman’s provocative book We’ve Had 100 Years of Psychotherapy And The World Is Getting Worse. There was one story he told in there about a man who sees a homeless man while on his walk to his therapist’s office that so shook me, that I turned dramatically away from almost everything I had studied to date.

That book helped me identify a fundamental flaw in the approach to helping people that is encouraged and applied 99% of the time in our culture.

4 years of intensive (and at times desperate) searching later, I was led to the man who had studied most intensively with this Israeli Commando.

In January 1998 at 29 years old, I spent four days in a training room with this man (Joseph Riggio) fiercely resisting and scrutinizing everything he was teaching, before I finally let go and embraced it, in what became one of the foundational turning points in my life.

My issue wasn’t that it was so complex or so threatening

It was that it was so damn simple!

The key was not to heal or resolve some past issue, nor was it to solve problems.

The key was to develop the ability and capacity to keep one’s attention focused with absolute precision in the narrowest direction wherein the problems don’t exist and wherein embodying discipline and taking action becomes almost effortless.

While there is more to the depth of the model that informs how I work with clients, the essential piece is always the same:

In every way I now have in my repertoire (and after 13 years of studying with Joseph I now have hundreds of ways of doing this), I am training my clients to keep their attention in a singular direction – and to do so in spite of the obvious distractions, temptations and chaos of the world around them.

With clients around the world now and so many stories of people who came to me after “trying everything else”, I am continually reassured that doing work this way get results and helps my clients evolve into people who also get results.

This is what separates what I do from the other options available. Every one who has apprenticed with me has also immersed themselves in this training.

Next month, for the first time in 6 years, I am offering a two and half-day training with my Mentor and colleague, Dr. Joseph Riggio, where we will be leading 25 people through the fundamental training in this process.

Next month, for the first time in 6 years, I am offering a two and half-day training with my Mentor and colleague, Dr. Joseph Riggio, where we will be leading 25 people through the fundamental training in this process.

It is called “The Art Of Intentional Awareness”.

You can attend and I highly encourage that you do!

Not only is Joseph a genius of this work whom you will find fascinating to study with, but you are guaranteed to get results. (That’s right, we guarantee results or people can have their money back.)

People who apply what they learn here find that:

  • Relationships flourish
  • Careers evolve and expand
  • Creativity surges
  • Reactions to others become easily managed
  • Staying composed under pressure becomes almost effortless

For me, in less than two years my business tripled, I was in a committed relationship and soon married (after years of running from commitments and destroying relationships!), I had gone from bankruptcy to working internationally and speaking to 10s of thousands of people every year… (with the biggest one yet, upcoming this fall – TBA)

I was finally applying everything I had learned but couldn’t get myself to do.

What Joseph taught me also helped me become exceptionally adept at sorting through the abundance of opportunities and information available, to find the ideas and strategies that would actually work for me to get the life that I wanted.

Imagine what it will do for your life when you too start doing this, or when you take what you are already doing, to the next level.

I encourage you to take advantage of this rare opportunity. You must register by May 21 to be ensured a spot in the the June 10-12th training that will take place in Novato, California (just north of San Francisco).

Here is the link to learn more and to register:

As always, I hope you find this useful.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this piece. I look forward to the experience in Novato. It’s great to know if this is the first time or the hundredth time at an experience like this one will come out with some unique and relevant fundamental and whole person refinement that will contribute to one’s life, success, relationships and decision-making.

    It’s great that kids have access to this type of quality mentoring and experience. I look forward to future opportunities to deepen my learning and capacity to fully live all-out and in the fullest of integrity.



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