The Root Of Insecurity & The Pathway To Autonomy

Insecurity is directly linked to three things:

  1. How dependent a person is upon the approval and opinions of others for their sense of self-worth. The more they depend on affirmation from others, the more insecure they will be. 
  2. How much they trust their ability to safely and effectively manage what will come up in their lives. The more they fear things will happen which they will not be able to handle, the more insecure they will be.
  3. How distant the image and persona they present of themselves to the world is from the reality of who they really are.

The pathway out of this is not to sit around and pout about how insecure they feel.

The pathway out of this is:

  • To help them build a more mature, evolved sense of who they are and what matters to them and why, thus relieving the dependency upon needing so much approval and acceptance from so many others who ultimately do not matter.
  • Help them build trust in their ability to live through whatever they are fearing might happen, letting go of needing thins to be a certain way for them to be okay.
  • To narrow the gap between the image they project of themselves and their authentic self… Mostly this requires coming to peace with their imperfections and helping them to define and accept who they really and who they really want to be.

For many of today’s youth who have come of age in the 1% Culture, their insecurities run rampant. They fear that if they are not in the “top” of whatever category, that somehow they are doomed. Thus they must be in the most popular fraternity or sorority or social group… they must be a starter on the team… they must have the hottest girlfriend/boyfriend… they


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