We spend far too much time punishing kids for their old behaviors and not enough time teaching them new ones.

After-School Staff continually tell me that they’ve had enough of theory, generalizations, cliches and the endless variations of behavior management training that is readily available to them.

They want more.

They want training that enables them to:

  • Quickly refocus tired, distracted kids towards productive activities
  • Become a meaningful voice of positivity in student’s lives
  • Help kids whose parents are uninvolved
  • Offer more than homework help and day care, to instead become significant leaders in shaping who they grow into as adults
  • Teach skills that make problems less likely to reoccur
  • To do all this in the least amount of time possible given the time restraints and ratio of adults to kids

My training for Out Of School/ After-School Staff offers all that and more!

“What To Do When You Are Out Of Time-Outs! – Working Effectively With Difficult Kids And Challenging Behaviors” –

The Mentor Counseling(R) Process For After School Staff

This training will teach you truly effective approaches and methodologies to work with kids who are:







  • Negative attention seekers
  • Defiant
  • Bully Magnets
  • Social Dominators aka Bullies
  • Uncooperative
  • Socially awkward or isolated
  • Easily distracted
  • Whiners & Complainers
  • Followers
  • Underachievers


Download pdf brochure by clicking here: Leiken-AfterSchoolTraining

read a brief narrative of how the Mentor Counseling® Process works

OR contact Jeff to schedule a training


  • Full Day $2500 PLUS Door-to-Door travel
  • Two Day $3500 PLUS Door to door travel (Day 2 typically done a month or so later)
  • Half Day $1800 PLUS Door to door travel
  • Includes extensive written materials, pre planning and 3 additional hours of follow-up phone coaching

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