“One thing you say or do can change a child’s life, and you often only get one chance. Make sure your staff don’t miss it.”

The Camp Counselor Mindset Training: Preparing Staff To Get It Right

To be successful, Camp Staff need three things:

  1. The right mental approach
  2. The right skills
  3. To apply these to actions at the right times

This Staff Orientation Training Successfully and Effectively:

  • Helps Camp Counselors define and embrace the right Mindset
  • Teaches skills that make a huge positive impact
  • Inspires Camp Counselors to live with Readiness and act with Intention

The Result: In one day of training, they will:

  • Learn to build rapport, even with challenging campers
  • Learn to conversationally bring out the best in others
  • Learn to find and exploit opportunities to help campers grow
  • Be influenced to take their job super-seriously
  • Be inspired to act professionally

What Camp Counselors Say:

“You make me wish the kids were here right now.” – Alex, Camp Coleman, Georgia

“I wish someone had taught me this stuff last year. It would have made SOOOO much difference.” – Adam, Camp Timberlane, Wisconsin

 “You just made things that are so complex, make so much sense.”Stephen, Camp Champions, Texas

“This makes me want to not just be a better Camp Counselor, but to also be a better person.”Danielle, Camp Starlight, Pennsylvania

 “What I loved about this is that he [Jeff] is so real. Rather than have us jump and clap and feel like we are in a motivational talk like the guy they brought in last year, he got to every one of us in the room and forced us to really think about what we are here for. I am probably the most skeptical (and probably cynical) and he got to me. Because of today, I will be a better counselor this summer.”Anonymous, YMCA Camp in New York

Do you want these kinds of results for your staff?

Contact Jeff to learn more about his camp trainings:

       -> The Camp Counselor Mindset™ Training

       -> Leadership Staff Training

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      -> Boys To Mensch® – Empowering and Inspiring Teen Boys To Find Their True Voice.

      -> The Clean Communication Process for Teen Girls 

      -> HeroPath For Teens™ – Equipping teens with the Mindset for Success and The Power to Sustain It

Summer 2013 Dates Available – but they go quickly so call asap.


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